Where Penelope & Javier Go For Date Night

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Where Penelope & Javier Go For Date Night

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Where Penelope & Javier Go For Date Night

If you are looking for a place to impress a date, well then Gordon Ramsay at The London West Hollywood, may be the perfect ticket to get you laid. The ambiance inside The London’s premiere restaurant is sophisticated, romantic, and guaranteed to get you in the mood. The interior, designed by David Collins, fuses old Hollywood with modern design. From the sumptuous food, a mix between Western European and Asian influences, to stunning plating and the luscious decor, the whole place is just plain sexy – especially if you get a spacious corner both and have a good looking man by your side (as I did). Let’s be honest, this place is guaranteed to drop some panties – and judging by some of the older men with young Asian women flanking them, I wasn’t the only one who thought so.

The London has also proved to be a hotspot for celebrity couples like Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz as well as the Beckhams. Plus, if you want your special short term or long term lady or gentleman friend to be impressed by a massive …wine selection, take a gander at their list. While most of the dishes were hits, there were some low points, but all-in-all, I'm sure any couple who comes to Gordon Ramsay will be impressed and then upon leaving – quickly undressed.

Star Sightings: Victoria and David Beckham; The Kardashians; Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem; Sarah Michelle Geller; Liv Tyler; Randy Jackson

The Food:

Steak Tartare: The tartare was a deep, rich red; perfect for any carnivore. The tempura onion was also a nice touch visually.

Foie Gras Nagiri: One of the stars of the night. With plastic wrap stretched across the plate the items looked as if they were floating in space. If you a super foodie the dish’s innovative plating will and much like Berlin did in Top Gun it will take your breath away. The foie was cooked perfectly and played really well with vinegar in the sushi rice it was draped over.

Beef Wellington: While this may be one of Ramsay’s signature dishes, the phylo dough was undercooked and not a favorite dish of the night.

Short Rib Risotto: Risotto was cooked perfectly, creamy and just enough toothsomeness. However, the truffle oil was very overpowering unless you got just the right bite of mascarpone, risotto and short rib – and then the whole dish sang a perfectly harmonious song. La la laaaa!!!!!!!

Branzino with Farro Risotto: Another big hit. The plating was phenomenal. The fish was nice and moist, with a nicely spiced and very crispy skin.

Chicken: Perfectly cooked chicken. Good job, Gordon! It was super moist, and the skin was crisp. The seared truffled gnocchi was the perfect accompaniment – and makes my mouth water just thinking about it. The whole dish was chicken lickin’ good! Who could ask for anything more?

The Chocolate Soufflé: Stay away from the soufflé. In fact if you see it coming in your direction, run the other way. It’s extremely eggy and not very chocolaty. Bad Gordon, bad!

The Valrhona Chocolate: This dessert was phenomenal. Rich and smooth – like your ideal man. The Valrhona dessert was exactly – the perfect note to a wonderful (if slightly flawed) meal.

-Meg Swertlow, with guest foodie Oliver Klein

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