Were Dubious Diet Pills Another Kim Kardashian Scam?

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Kim Kardashian

Popping diet pills that have the same active ingredient as coffee did not make fat melt off Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian, claims a potential class action lawsuit against the sexy sisters. The K-named reality TV stars posed in slinky bikinis in magazine ads for QuickTrim and suggested the popular diet pill, whose main ingredient is the common stimulant caffeine, was responsible for their buff bods.

Aside from the fact that drinking actual coffee is cheaper than gulping down pricey pills, the FDA ruled caffeine is not a "safe or effective treatment" for losing weight, according to a lawsuit brought against both the trio and Windmill Health Products, the company that makes the pills and companion cleansing potion. So far only four plaintiffs are asking the foxy felines to fork over $5 million, but if a judge signs off, the legal action could stretch into a class action suit involving others who bought the promise of E-Z weight loss.

The legal tangle is only the latest attack on the integrity of the woman whose mini-marriage to Kris Humphries was also alleged to be a fraud. The Armenian princess spent more time planning her wedding than actually being married to the man she once described as her "missing puzzle piece." Clues the marriage could have been a hoax include the enormous sum of money Kim was paid for the allegedly made-for-TV faux marriage and the suspicious absence of Humphries on People magazine's wedding day photo cover.

Even the hapless groom, who was carefully edited to look like an oafish hayseed on "Kim and Kourtney Take New York," filed for an annulment on the basis the 72-day union was a fraud.

Scam rumors circled around the most famous of the Kardashian sisters even before the mock marriage. Skeptic allege one of the diva's biggest claims to fame, her vente booty, has been surgically enhanced. To dispel the rumors, the Kimster coyly had her butt x-rayed to "prove" it had no plastic parts. But the radiograph would not necessarily expose another popular ploy to plump one's bottom. A Beverly Hills plastic surgery website suggests she may have had a liposuction procedure that sucked fat from unwanted places and transferred it to her trunk.

Finally, there is the sex tape that launched the L.A. native's career. Though permitting herself to be videotaped in a vulnerable situation could be explained away as naïve, not everyone (read: almost no one) buys the story the video was leaked without Kim's consent. She ended up suing the company that distributed the racy footage and settling for $5 million -- not a bad pay day for a night's work.

Ironically, that's the same wad of dough the wannabe skinnies are suing for in their alleged scam diet pill lawsuit.

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