Wedding Uggs Might Be Ugly, but These Celebs Love Their Boots

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Love 'em or hate 'em, it's hard to deny that Ugg boots are a fashion staple for millions of people around the world. Women wear the comfortable boots year-round - and now, they can wear them to their weddings with the upcoming Ugg bridal collection.

"Perfect as bridal party gifts, for rehearsal dinners, receptions, spa days and post-wedding festivities," the company said in a statement. The collection will include three different styles and be available starting in June.

Will the collection be successful? Probably - tons of people love Uggs, including celebrities.

Hilary Duff

New mom Hilary Duff loves the casual, relaxed look, so it's not surprising that she loves wearing Uggs. The actress is often spotted wearing Uggs around Los Angeles and seems to have a pair in every style, including the classic boot.

Miley Cyrus

Actress Miley Cyrus is another former Disney queen who loves comfort - the former "Hannah Montana" star is often spotted wearing comfortable Pilates gear and Ugg boots. Need proof that she loves her Uggs? She wore the Koolaburra style in an episode of "Hannah Montana" and even promoted the style - and the Kettle Black ones - in her concert program as "Miley's New Favorite Things."

Sarah Jessica Parker

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker has some of the world's most famous designers clamoring to give her their couture wear, but SJP also likes to be comfortable in her Ugg boots. She's often spotted wearing the boots as she walks around Manhattan and on film sets.

Parker's characters also like Uggs - her "Sex and the City" alter ego, Carrie Bradshaw, wore a custom pair of red Uggs on an episode back in 2004. Why red? Well, that's what SJP asked them to make for her character. It seems to be rubbing off on the new Carrie Bradshaw, too: 18-year-old actress AnnaSophia Robb was spotted wearing Uggs in between takes while filming the pilot for the "Sex and the City" prequel, "The Carrie Diaries", earlier this year.

Maybe she just wanted to emulate everything SJP does? Robb told US Weekly that she loves everything about the actress and her character.

"She sent me a letter! I wrote her one back, too," Robb told the magazine. "She was just very encouraging about it all. It was really cool!"

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