Ways Kate Gosselin Can Support Herself After 'Kate Plus 8'

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Kate is always busy with her brood.

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Kate is always busy with her brood.

Now that her show, "Kate Plus 8" has been canceled, Kate Gosselin admits that she's frazzling over how she's going to support herself and her family without that paycheck!

She and her children were not ready to leave the show. As she explains, "I've never quit a job in my life without having something else lined up. I don't know what's next."

Although I've never really watched the show or been a particular fan, I do hope she'll be able to bounce back for the sake of those kids! What are some other ways she can support herself after "Kate Plus 8"?

Work as Registered Nurse

At least Kate has a nursing degree to fall back on. I could see her being an efficient and hardworking nurse. Though given what I've seen of her personality, I can't see her having the warmest bedside manner!

Become an Author of Parenting Books

The best advice that new authors hear is to write about what they know. And juggling eight children has certainly given her firsthand knowledge of the ins and outs of parenting. I'm sure there are single parents out there who might appreciate some advice.

Of course, given that Kate has her haters as well as her fans, she might want to publish under a pseudonym.

Share Custody With Jon

Why does the mother always get custody of the children after divorce? Why not work out some "Parent Trap"-like arrangement where each parent takes half the children? How about four for Kate and four for her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin? Theoretically, raising four children should be half as costly as raising eight.

Put $1 Million into Savings and Live Off the Interest

It's a shame that Kate didn't put more of an effort into saving while she was rolling on the reality bandwagon. Guess those tans and hair extensions took precedence!

Assuming the economy bounces back in a few years, putting $1 million into a savings account or CD at 5 percent APR would yield $50,000 interest after one year. And that's as much income as many people make in one year.

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