Warren Beatty Turns 75! A Look at Four of His Most Memorable Film Roles

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Warren Beatty Turns 75!  A Look at Four of His Most Memorable Film Roles

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Actor Warren Beatty is 75-years-old.

For actor Warren Beatty, it's a day to celebrate! The legendary actor and director is three-quarters of a century old. That's right, the man who at one time was Hollywood's most eligible bachelor is 75 years old today. Warren has been in showbiz since he started making appearance on "Kraft Theatre" on an emerging medium known as television, back in 1957.

In 1961, the world got to see Warren as a leading man in his motion picture debut, "Splendor in the Grass," a film with which he worked with the iconic director Elia Kazan. From then on, Beatty rose among the ranks of Tinseltown's elite acting group that included Robert Redford, Jack Nicholson, Paul Newman, and Dustin Hoffman. In 1992, just a couple weeks shy of his 55th birthday, Warren and actress Annette Bening were married, the two have since had four children together.

In honor of his 75th birthday, we thought we'd take a little look at four of Beatty's most memorable film roles.

Clyde Barrow in "Bonnie and Clyde" - Starring opposite the stunning Faye Dunaway, perhaps one of Warren's most famous roles is as one-half of the most infamous crime-spree couple, Bonnie and Clyde. In Arthur Penn's classic 1967 film, Beatty and Dunaway light up the screen with great chemistry. Some felt at the time that the film may have done more to glorify the scofflaws than it did to tell an accurate story, but none of that takes away from Beatty's wonderful performance.

George Roundee in "Shampoo" - This 1975 comedy centers around Warren as a hairdresser with both a girlfriend and a woman he's having an affair with, and it all takes place around the night of the 1968 presidential election that ultimately saw Richard Nixon elected for the first time. Beatty's leading ladies were Goldie Hawn and Julie Christie. The story is very much evocative of the times, with themes of sexual identity and exploration running throughout, but Beatty showed he had the ability to work within the confines of a comedy, albeit a slightly dark one.

Dick Tracy in "Dick Tracy" - In 1990, Beatty tackled a difficult project: bringing the comic book world of detective Dick Tracy to the big screen. To do it, Beatty called in a heavy-hitting cast of some of Hollywood's biggest names. Madonna played the sultry Breathless Mahoney, and Al Pacino played the leading villain, Big Boy Caprice. The film required heavy makeup on many of the very stylized baddies' appearances, but featured great music, awesome fashion from the 1940s, and was overall a fun movie, and a bit of a craze that summer.

Bugsy Siegel in "Bugsy" - The film is the story of the gangster whose dream helped launch Las Vegas from a little-known town in the desert into what it is today. Beatty played the story's central character, and his future wife played his leading lady. It's the film that's known just as much for being the movie that Beatty and Bening met and fell in love while working on as it is known for being a high watermark in Beatty's filmography. The critics were kind to "Bugsy," but it was still a bit of a box office disappointment.

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