'The Walking Dead' - Do You Know Norman Reedus?

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'The Walking Dead' - Do You Know Norman Reedus?

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Norman Reedus

No doubt if a character on "The Walking Dead" was voted "Most Popular" it would be Daryl Dixon played by Norman Reedus. Despite that he started out with all the stereotypical bravado of a Southern redneck, the man with the crossbow soon became a fan favorite due to his no-nonsense approaches, his lack of fear and his willingness to take charge in any situation. Question: "Who has the most common sense on 'The Walking Dead'?" Answer: Daryl Dixon.

As a result, Mr. Reedus, a man who has played a variety of roles in his life, has hit the jackpot with the hit zombie series. What are some things you may not know about him?

Reedus loves to post photos on his Twitter page

On Twitter, Norman goes by the name Big Bald Head (@wwwbigbaldhead) which is the name of his production company. If you follow his tweets, you'll find that he loves to post links to photos, like this November 3 link to a Twitpic of him and Mike (The Situation) Sorrentino.

The handsome actor used to model for Prada

You don't think designer clothes when you think of Daryl, but the former Prada model who plays him is Mr. Cosmopolitan off the set. The man who dated model Helena Christensen travels widely (he used to live in Japan, England and Spain), and he loves style. Asked if where he lives inspires his style, he said, "I think so. I guess so. I don't own any shorts or sandals or any of that."

Reedus makes it clear to those who have not seen the show that there is no similarity between "The Walking Dead" and that other popular series "True Blood"

"I saw 'True Blood' once, and I like the jazzy feel of it and stuff. The difference is like, the vampire stuff, everyone's got a six-pack and they have eyeliner and mousse in their hair," Norman said. "We're like surviving, and it's real people. I don't know when this whole thing happened where every actor has a six-pack. Since when did every cop, doctor and lawyer have a six pack, when did that happen. Right?"

The actor survived a serious car accident

The 43-year-old lived through a major car accident in Berlin, Germany in 2005 and had to have surgery. "I have a titanium eye socket and four screws in my nose," said the actor.

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