'The Voice' S3, Week 4: Inside Look

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'The Voice' S3, Week 4: Inside Look

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'The Voice' S3, Week 4: Inside Look

"Me and Christina have some soft spots in common" - Cee Lo

I can't be the only viewer who breathed a sigh of relief at the end of last week's episodes. I love the Blind Auditions as much as the next person but I'm ready for The Battles! This week, I send shout outs to the creme de la creme of last week's talent and also give my opinion of the ones to watch in The Battles.

Stand Outs

Caitlin Michelle
The very first Florence and the Machine song I ever heard was Cosmic Love and I'm really glad that my first impression of Caitlin Michelle was her singing this song. Singing, for me, is a way of release. A shelter, of sorts. I felt a very kindred connection to Caitlin, because she, too, has used music to overcome her own personal obstacles. Her panic disorder could sometimes completely demobilize her, yet she found solace and a home in the vibrant walls of music. Caitlin grounded herself on stage and commanded a gentle authority. Blake turned first and called Adam a very grown up name (think someone who has sex with mothers) when Adam turned his chair around. Caitlin chose Adam, but I'm concerned about this: I think Blake is the coach that would foster this amazing, ethereal talent. I hope Adam recognizes the gift he's been given.

Celica Westbrook
This 16 year old has a really mature look and voice. I fell in love with the confident control she maintained during her performance of Christina Perri's A Thousand Years. Disclaimer: I know she's 16 so please don't take my words out of context ... but her voice feels good on my skin. Her range had depth and then soared in the chorus. And her vibrato on the last word of the song ... good God! Do me a favor, go YouTube her performance and tell me what feelings her voice invokes within you. Christina, Blake and Cee Lo vied for her attention, but in the end she chose Christina. This is another artist I feel should have chosen Blake but we shall see how this progresses. Celica, you have an amazing voice. Please never stop singing.

Kayla Nevarez
Holy crap, this girl is only seventeen and her voice had such texture. She infused a little jazz into Estelle's American Boy and I was struck by her attitude. Not like she had a bad attitude or anything, her voice just had this sassiness to it that I liked. Adam, Christina and Cee Lo hit their buttons. She chose Adam, which surprised me because she was such a fan of Christina's. However, I think she and Adam will make a good pairing.

Personality of the Week

Cody Belew
Maybe it's his belief that in a past life he was a black woman. Maybe it was his expletive laced excitement when he realized he was chosen by Cee Lo. Maybe it's because he admitted he likes his hips to do a little "bam bam" on stage (which prompted Cee Lo to retort, "I ain't so bad at bam bam myself"). Or perhaps it's the mere fact that this rodeo entertainer who sang Otis Reddings' Hard to Handle was incredibly comfortable in his skin. I think he brought a smile to all of our faces and I couldn't let this week go by without giving Cody the shout out he deserves.

Watch This Battle

Trevin Hunte vs. Amanda Brown
NBC.com has a sneak peek of these two singing Mariah Carey's Vision of Love and oh jeez Louise. These two go at it in a battle that showcases sheer talent, astonishing ability and pristine control. Go watch this battle and let me know who you think the winner will be. I honestly couldn't call it.

Also keep a look out for these contestants I have high hopes for:

Mackenzie Bourg
From Team Cee Lo, he sang Foster the People's Pumped Up Kicks during the Blinds. His tone is really quirky, interesting and super cool.

Nicole Nelson

This Team Adam contender sang Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah and got a four chair turn around. I'm betting she's gonna kick ass during Battles.

Gracia Harrison
Gracia has the distinguished honor of being The Voice's first yodeler. But she's more than a yodeler; she's good old fashioned country. I have a feeling Blake is going to keep her around.

Daniel Rosa
Daniel auditioned with a really fascinating rendition of Gotye's Somebody That I Used to Know. I'm hoping Cee Lo gives him a song that fits him perfectly. When Daniel is in his element, he's amazing.

Liz Davis
Another country cutie from Team Blake. I really like her tone and I think she knows how to really perform. I hope Blake doesn't pair her against Gracia.

Adriana Louise
Team Christina's Adriana sang Jessie J's Domino and she has all of the makings of a pop star: look, style and voice. I got high hopes for this one.

A Tiresome, Yet Utterly Fulfilling Week

It was really cool to perform in Vegas this week. I reunited with fellow activists at The United States Conference on AIDS at Caesar's Palace where I sang for a very enthusiastic crowd. That evening, I performed at The Bellagio for another cause that's very important to me: addiction.

From Vegas I went back to Chicago to give a very special performance honoring a very special journalist, Jeff Berry at The Chicago Cultural Center.

Upon returning to LA, I instantly went to work recording vocals for a song I co wrote with The Voice's Erin Willett for her upcoming EP. Tonight I'll be watching The Voice from Las Vegas where I'll be preparing for a super exciting show with Cee Lo. Make sure you tune in and then tell me who deserves next week's shout outs. Find me @Jsquidward and tell me what's on your mind. I mean, within reason, don't get crazy on me.

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