'The Voice' S3, Week 10: Inside Look

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'The Voice' S3, Week 10: Inside Look

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'The Voice' S3, Week 10: Inside Look

"You look adorable. So ballerina." - Blake Shelton

I'm not going to waste a lot of words with a super long intro this week; there's way too much ground to cover. So I'm going to dive right in. I sent out a tweet last week that said "everyone has an opinion". Well, so do I and here's mine:

Christina Aguilera featuring Cee Lo Green, Make the World Move
I realized a thing or two watching this performance. 1) Christina Aguilera is certainly a force to be reckoned with and sang like, "This is why I'm a coach, dammit!" (I will excuse that one note when the balloons fell. No one is perfect.) And 2) Cee Lo can look cool doing absolutely nothing. Christina performed as a sexy Queen of Hearts with a bunch of dancers from a Wonderland rave circa 2001. Cee Lo wore white pajamas. I have no idea what he was doing or why he was there, but I must admit he looked cool doing whatever it was.

Team Blake, Life is a Highway
On the results night, Team Blake injected a little down home country in this rock classic. Cassidy Pope showed her crossover appeal by switching up her normal rock routine and sounding a bit like a country artist.

I've never heard Terry's lower register and was mildly surprised to see that it's every bit as strong as his upper register. Michaela, as usual, work the stage like a pro. I was pretty bummed to see Michaela go home last week, but Team Blake is still pretty solid with Cassadee Pope and Terry McDermott still standing.

On another note, my first two years of high school were spent at Broken Arrow High School in Oklahoma. There were several kids who rocked Wranglers, cowboy hats and cowboy boots with spurs. Sometimes Blake Shelton reminds me of them. That is all.

Bryan Keith, Back to Black
I've been a fan of Bryan's since his Blind Audition. But lately I was a little concerned that he wasn't making a big enough splash and that America would get bored. I was really, really hoping that Adam would allow Brian to have the breakout moment Bryan so desperately deserved. And then Bryan sang this Amy Winehouse classic.

Bryan was like a Bronx-onian Frank Sinatra and I was quite proud. Bryan's voice is like sandpaper. Allow me to clarify: sandpaper smooths out imperfections. Bryan's voice makes you forget about yours for a little while. I've heard this song hundreds of times, but I believed Bryan as he sang those lyrics and I'm glad that America kept him around.

Terry McDermott, More Than a Feeling
So, let's make a little checklist of a truly killer performance:

Carrying the mic stand while hitting ridiculous high notes? Check!
Super hip haircut? Check!
Undeniably pure tone? Check!
Ridiculous falsetto? Check!
Supreme last note? Check!

I think that Terry has the goods to possibly win this competition, but I have a few questions. What will his album sound like? Will it be a nod to classic rock? More like the band, fun? Just curious.

Nicholas David, The Power of Love
While not a truly flawless vocal performance, it was a hell of a performance to watch. I know firsthand that walking down stairs with no railing while singing is no easy feat and Nicholas managed it like a pro. With a brass section lined up on the edge of the stage, Nicholas added his special vibrato to this Huey Lewis tune. He's done a decent job on soul classics, but last week he showed that he could also put on a good show. Hmmm...as a matter of fact, this performance was very tour-worthy. Is The Voice preparing us for something?

Dez Duron, Can't Take My Eyes Off of You
Dez, like Bryan, needed a standout performance and this was it. With the city skyline as his backdrop, Dez took his coach, Christina's advice by singing to the teen girls (there was more than a few soccer moms that caught the "vapors" as well, I'm sure). A good performance is more than just interesting melodic choices; it's looking into the eyes of the viewer at home, it's energizing the crowd in the room, it's running the length of that huge stage without losing breath, it's wrapping it all up nice and neatly at the end. Dez, my brother, you gave a stellar performance. I'm not at all surprised that Blake Shelton did not know that Lauryn Hill remade this song.

Amanda Brown, Spectrum
I love you, Amanda. I'd love to see you win. But no more Florence, OK? That's all I'll say about that.

The Voice Season 3 is pretty lucky...
With the new changes implemented. The addition of " the steal" has allowed us to continue hearing from Amanda Brown. And now, only the best performances advance with two contestants, regardless of team, being eliminated each week. Maybe this would've saved me last season, maybe not. I just think the changes are pretty cool.

A fond farewell to...
Adriana Louise and Michaela Paige. I really thought that both of these contestants would make it further than they did, however the top 10 is a pretty strong bunch. We are in for some really rad performances.

Cool things happening...
I gave a flurry of cool interviews this week to PopStop TV, Lifestyle and Charity Magazine, Buddy TV (for the upcoming cruise I'll be on with Danny Gokey benefiting homeless families) and a bunch of radio stations in Ohio. I also ran into fellow Season 3 alum, Chris Mann at a GBK sponsored American Music Awards gifting party. It's been a lot of work promoting my upcoming single, High (out December 4th), but it's so worth it. Wait until you guys hear it. If you're in LA, December 1st, come see me at Nokia Live! In the meanwhile, tweet me your favorite songs of all time or the best cartoon ever made @JSquidward

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