Vince Vaughn’s ‘Brady Bunch’ Reboot: 5 Surprising Places to Find the Original Cast Members

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Here's the story….of a Brady reboot?

Vince Vaughn is looking to reboot the classic '70's sitcom, "The Brady Bunch." The show's modern day premise? A now divorced-with-kids Bobby Brady (the youngest son on the original series) will marry a woman who also has kids. And Vaughn will play Bobby. What - wasn't Mike Lookinland available?

Which got us to thinking- what have the original cast members been up to for the past four decades? You might just be surprised!

Florence Henderson (Mrs. Brady)

Mama Brady Florence Henderson got a warm welcome from fans when she was a cast member on "Dancing With the Stars" back in 2010, but sadly she was voted off the show the week she tangoed to "The Brady Bunch" theme. Still, while she was out-danced by the likes of Bristol Palin and Audrina Patridge, at least she beat The Situation and The Hoff.

Eve Plumb (Jan Brady)

If you'd like to buy a plum painted by Eve Plumb, you've come to the right place. Okay, maybe not a plum, but there's plenty of apples, pears and peppers. The show's troubled middle sis has traded in her curly black wig for a paintbrush, and she's grown up to be quite an accomplished artist. Her work can be purchased through several galleries scattered across the country.

Barry Williams

Does it surprise you that he's a cabaret singer? Didn't think so-Barry Williams has always had a penchant for music. But he did turn up again recently on the small screen, in a Syfy movie "Bigfoot," where his co-star was none other than Danny Bonaduce, the "Partridge Family" alum who kicked the pants off of him in a celebrity boxing match ten years ago. According to Zap2It, Williams said, "When they approached me about being an adversary of Danny's in 'Bigfoot,' I said, 'I'll do it on one condition: I can kick his butt.' And I do." Check out the "Bigfoot" trailer here.

Ann B. Davis (Alice)

She quit the Hollywood scene decades ago, and joined a religious group to devote her life to service. But in 2007 America's favorite housekeeper reunited with her "Brady" cast mates to accept the TV Land Pop Culture award and told her fans, "I helped bring you up? Well look how well you turned out!" Check out the Brady's acceptance speeches here.

Robbie Rist (Cousin Oliver)

The show's "Cousin Oliver" - who came to town just about the time Bobby and Cindy were getting a little long in the tooth - was only part of the cast for a few episodes before "The Brady Bunch" was canceled in 1974. Fast forward 40 years and you'll find him rockin' out as the drummer in hardcore band Your Favorite Trainwreck. Hey, it beats Johnny Bravo!

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