Victoria Justice Helps in the Battle Against Bullys

Victoria Justice Helps in the Battle Against Bullys

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Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice recently recorded a PSA encouraging teens to visit the Bully Project. There they can take a short survey to get to the bottom of the bullying problem and determine ways to really affect change. Bully Project is a Facebook app where kids can go answer questions about their own personal experiences with bullying. Here's a sampling of the kinds of questions being asked:

  • "In the last year, how often have you seen bullying in your school?
  • "Where does bullying usually happen in your school?"
  • "What kinds of bullying happens in your school?"

Kids Who Take the Bully Project Survey Could Win a Scholarship

After completing the survey, the quiz taker will see immediate results about where there school stands in the nationwide average. Plus if teens share the quiz with friends, they'll be entered to win a $10,000 college scholarship. And the amount of the scholarship will increase with the number of shares, making it the first "social scholarship" has offered.

In the PSA Justice pleads with kids, "Use your voice to tell the world what's really going on in schools." In a press release she also stated, "If we all stand together and bring awareness to bullying, we can help put an end to it. Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself."

The Bully Project Is the Kick-Off for the Film 'Bully'

The Bully Project is running through May and is part of the kick-off for the film "Bully," playing in select theaters starting April 13. The movie documents the lives of five kids and their families, who are greatly affected by bullying.

After the Bully Project is completed, plans to publish a national bullying report card with the information supplied by the people most affected by it - the teens.

Watch Victoria Justice's PSA here and take's Bully Project survey.

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