What Vanessa Minnillo’s Baby Bump Means for the World

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Vanessa Minnillo

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Vanessa Minnillo

Joining the host of celebs sporting baby bumps is Vanessa Minnillo, wife of pop icon Nick Lachey. For the most part, these two stay out of the limelight. But still hanging on in the industry, the pair is never too far off the radar. As we ogle happy photos of mommy-to-be Vanessa, the following events are almost likely to occur…

We're going to pay even more attention to Jessica Simpson.

Recent pictures of Jessica Simpson reveal a young momma who's about to pop. The glowing celeb-preneur is living the high life thanks to her billion-dollar fashion empire. As we fawn over Vanessa and Nick's burgeoning bundle of joy, Jessica (and particularly, her marriage plans) will become a more interesting focal point for our nosiness. Is there some sort of silent competition between the two couples? More than likely not. But we'll invent one just to keep things juicy.

We'll revisit marriage before baby as a celebrity trend.

Lachey and Minnillo's baby news has touched on the fact that they are welcoming a child after marriage. This article references the "cool kids" of Hollywood who have made it trendy to marry after popping out one or two children. Former Disney star Hilary Duff went through a rough romantic patch or two, but ultimately found wedded bliss with her hockey hunk. She enters Hollywood's Young Mommy Hall of Fame, but also having embraced the concept of Marriage before Baby. Now that Beyonce's Baby Blue Ivy has become a cemented topic in gossip blogs, more comparisons are sure to come.

Let the Baby Pic Auctions begin…

Some celeb rags are really excited about this pair's recent development. Couples blessed with good looks always make for good temporary fodder. So you can bet that people are already buzzing about this little one's potential cuteness factor. As such, we'll realize just how interested we are in this couple by how many baby pic offers are put on the table.

We'll really get into Vanessa and Nick Lachey's personal life. (Kind of.)

Those curious enough to wonder whether Nick leaves the seat up, or whether the "Entertainment Tonight" star can make good scrambled eggs---will probably take an even keener interest in the goings on of these new parents. There's not too much scandal to make us obsessive. But they're likable enough to hold our attention for one or two Life & Style covers.

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