‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap of ‘We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street’

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The Salvatore brothers travel to New Orleans, flashbacks ensue, the supernatural girls go wild, and an alpha male werewolf takes charge of the pack on "The Vampire Diaries:" "We'll Always Have Bourbon Street" (aired Dec. 6, 2013).

That moment when your ex finds out you've moved on

Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) roll around in the sheets reveling in the night they just spent together. As she's leaving for school, Stefan (Paul Wesley) shows up at the door (so much for finding the right time to tell your ex-boyfriend you're sleeping with his brother).

Witch hunt

Stefan tells Damon they "need to talk" and Damon knows it's serious. He tells Damon that Elena is sired to him. He explains that the only reason Elena couldn't drink from the blood bag is because Damon told her she couldn't. Stefan challenges Damon to test the theory by telling her she can drink from the bag.

Damon: "Is it impossible to think that she can have feelings for me?"

Stefan: "No, it's impossible for her to be so blind that she doesn't see how wrong you are for her."

Damon: "You doing what's best for her or what's best for you?"

Damon wants to know that Elena loves him by choice, not by some strange vampire sire bond that happens to one in every 100 vampires. Funny, though. Damon must have some bite. There was another vampire he sired back in New Orleans in the 1940s. He says a witch had a spell that broke the bond so the brothers travel to the city to find her.

I left my stalker on Bourbon Street

Damon recalls his vampire girlfriend gone "Fatal Attraction" as the scene flashes back to the 1940s. Charlotte (Madeline Zima) takes everything Damon says literally. Yes, that's the little girl from "The Nanny." She snaps some sailor's neck because he touched her drink. In the present day the brothers find the vampire still on the street where Damon last saw her, after telling her to count every brick in New Orleans. Yup, that sire bond is literal.

To the witch we will go

With Charlotte's help, the lovelorn Salvatore brothers find the shop where Damon got the de-siring spell the first time. The spell that obviously did not work. A witch, Valerie LaMarche (Takara Clark) , instructed Damon to kill 12 humans (sound familiar?) as part of the spell. The witch's daughter, Nandi (Adina Porter), pretends to be the granddaughter of Takara and says she only sells herbs and gets witchy for tourists.

Damon calls her out, having remembered her writing her name on a paper as a little girl in her mom's shop. The witch tells Damon the only way a vampire is sired if she first has feelings for the vampire. Becoming a vampire amplifies those feelings. The only way to break the vampire sire bond is to tell the person to move on break all ties.

This means Damon killed 12 humans for nothing. Professor Shane (David Alpay) has been bribing Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) to de-sire 12 hybrids. The witch tells Damon when he killed those 12 human souls it unleashed a power that her mother, a bad witch, tapped into it. It's a dark, dark magic called Expression. This is the same kind of magic Bonnie says Professor Shane is teaching her!

Tough love

Everyone paints Damon as the selfish vampire. We find out that he did listen to Alexia "Lexi" Branson (Arielle Kebbel). She's been helping Stefan since his days at the ripper and lets Damon know he's bad for his brother. Damon was ready to join his brother in war (yes, Damon in uniform!), but Lexi talks him out of it. Damon may show his devil-may-care-attitude, but deep down, he really does care. Ultimately, he does the right thing. But will he be able to let Elena go when the time comes?

Werewolf rebellion

Breaking the hybrid sire bond involves breaking a lot of bones and mending relations. Kimberly (Alyssa Diaz) thinks that Adrian (Micah Parker) has had enough for a day and unchains him. Tyler (Michael Trevino) and Hayley disagree with her decision. Hayley needs Adrian as the 12th de-sired hybrid in order to get information from Professor Shane about her parents. She provokes Tyler into going all "alpha male" on Kimberly, who she says is challenging him. They have an argument at the pub and Kimberly decides to provoke Tyler.

Supernatural girls gone wild

With the brothers out of town, Elena decides she needs some girl time. Bonnie brings some special tea "herbs," they break out the Dom from the Salvatore wine cellar and the girls go wild. Or they go silly. They dance, they drink, they take lots of photos. They probably ended up on Facebook.

The girls take a breather in the bathroom to relax. It's only been a hot minute since Stefan and Elena broke up and Caroline is being all anti-Damon and judge-and-jury. Elena wants to share the details about her hot night with the older Salvatore brother but Caroline won't have it. She reveals to Elena that she's sired to Damon. Before their fight escalates, the rogue werewolves come calling and snatch Caroline.

Who's your alpha wolf now?

Tyler, Elena and Hayley go rescue Caroline who is being tortured by Kim. The pack shows up, backing Kim. Elena offers herself in place of Caroline, even though they just had a big fight about Damon. Tyler grabs Kim and threatens to tear her heart out if she doesn't submit. She submits. Then the pack kneels down to show their submission to the new alpha wolf, Tyler.

Once more, with feeling

Damon returns from his trip to find Elena waiting for him at phone. They talk about the sire bond but Elena convinces him she doesn't care and she's happy. Damon tells her he "has to do right" by her. Instead, they give into their physical attraction.

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