‘The Vampire Diaries' Recap of 'The Killer'

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‘The Vampire Diaries' Recap of 'The Killer'

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Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder are two peas in vampire pod in "The Vampire Diaries."

On 'The Vampire Diaries:' 'The Killer' (air date Nov. 8, 2012) Damon (Ian Somerhalder) proves that he is the one who has the deepest love for Elena (Nina Dobrev). Bonnie (Katerina Graham) gets hypnotized, and Tyler (Michael Trevino) spins a convenient web of lies. The vampire hunter is finally defeated and new one rises to take his place.

Dear diary,

"How I've missed writing my deepest, darkest thoughts on your clean, white pages. Since I've become a vampire, I've grown up a bit. Now I write at my desk and not at the cemetery" is not what Elena wrote in her diary. Instead she touched upon a serious and common problem - depression and suicidal thoughts. In the real world, these are bad enough for teens, but when you're a teen vampire, they really suck.

Stefan (Paul Wesley) also picks up his pen and writes about Elena spiraling since she became a vampire. At times he barely recognizes her, he says. This is why he's all in on with evil hybrid Klaus (Joseph Morgan). Klaus is off on a sword quest because he wants to find the cure for vampirism. With the cure Klaus can have the doppelganger's blood back and Stefan can have Elena back to the way she was. The only problem is that as a human Elena will still have to live with the things she did as a vampire. Humans do not have a humanity switch.

Vampire bait

Connor Jordan (Todd Williams) , under the direction of Professor Hot, tries to rack up more vampire kills. His ingenious plan is to use April (Grace Phipps), Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) and Matt (Zach Roerig) as vampire bait. His biggest downfall is not understanding how deep the the ties are between the humans and the vampires in Mystic Falls. In his defense, Connor doesn't seem to have any choice. He was made the way he is so he could be vampire killing machine.

Tyler chats up Connor, not remembering that he was compelled to draw Connor's tattoos when he was chained to Klaus' wall. Meanwhile, Matt tries to find an escape route via the old wine cellar that leads to (surprise!) the same Underground Railroad tunnels that Stefan will be using to ambush Connor.

What Connor really wants is meaning. He figures the more he kills, the more of his tattoo will be revealed, and then "all of this will have meant something." Connor sets up some nasty bombs which trigger werewolf-covered blood. He thinks he'll be able to kill any vampire that walks into the Mystic Grill.

Things go south for the vampire hunter when Elena barges in and pleads for Jeremy's life. She pounces on him and he fights back. Stefan saves Connor from Elena's wrath because the only way to get the cure is to save his life. There are four other hunters out there, and another will rise in his place if he dies. But Stefan does what Klaus wants and saves this vampire hunter.

Brotherly love

Stefan kept Damon from interfering at the Mystic Grill showdown by knocking him out with vervain. In the tunnels, Stefan has Connor and Damon wants answers. He shoves his hand into Stefan's heart, threatening to kill him if he doesn't tell him the truth. Stefan tells Connor to run. He tells Damon the truth.

The killer

Earlier Stefan asked Elena to trust him, without telling her why. He knows that if she kills the guilt will eat her up inside. While Damon and Stefan have their little truth session in the tunnels, Elena hunts down the vampire hunter and snaps his neck.

She just ruined her chances for a cure (at least for now). She'll also suffer the consequences of killing a vampire hunter. She sees blood and "killer" scrawled across her bathroom mirror later, which marks the beginning of her descent into madness.

Sword quest

Klaus runs and archaeological dig in Italy in search of Alexander's sword. The sword holds the map to reading the vampire hunter's tattoos and finding the cure for vampirism. Stefan continues to work with Klaus via cell phone, causing Damon to rightfully be suspicious. Damon knows his brother is lying to him and grills Stefan, who keeps the secret about the cure. His loyalty to Klaus ends up costing Elena everything, though.

Witch therapy

Bonnie and Professor Hot meet for some "herbal" tea drinking, flirting and hypnotism. The professor's intentions are anything but pure, but he's keeping his true purpose secret. Bonnie tells him witches cannot be manipulated. They talk, drink tea, and Bonnie tells him she doesn't think his little experiment is working. He tells her they've been sitting there for seven hours. She's surprised. She attempts to light one lone candle on the table. She fails, but manages to light the other hundred candles in the room. She's baaackk!

Tyler pulls a Clinton

"I never had sexual relations with that werewolf!" Caroline and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) finally meet. Caroline is confused and jealous, and Hayley blows her off with, "Yeah, I don't do teen drama. Take it up with Ty." Okay, so she has a cute little nickname for the hybrid and she calls him her buddy. She and Tyler also stand too close to each other when they're talking.

Tyler tells Caroline that there was never anything sexual between the two werewolves. He claims she only helped him break his sire bond to Klaus. His story is that he wants Klaus to believe that he and Hayley had a fling in the mountains. It's a cover story to hide the truth: that the pair of werewolves can help other hybrids break their sire bond. Sounds like a good story, Tyler, but Caroline still has a right to be skeptical.

Sexy vampire says what?

And now for something a little lighter, courtesy of the vampire with the best lines from 'The Vampire Diaries:' 'The Killer.'

Elena: "I'm not in a shame spiral"

Damon: "Oh you so are. Newbie vampire remorse? That's worse than a hangover."

"Is that where you've been all morning? Out buying bossy pants?" Damon says to Stefan.

"So where the hell is the Wicked Witch of the West?" - Damon asking about Bonnie.

"Those two idiots are like danger magnets." - Damon talking about the hostages Matt and April.

"For someone who doesn't want to be like me, you sure are good at it." Damon to Elena when she proves to him that she handle herself, by straddling him on the bed and pointing an arrow at his chest.

"Since when do we team up with Klaus and the lollypop guild?" Damon asks Stefan.


* April and the vampire hunter knew each other. She has a vague memory, but can't quite remember.

* Elena starts to go insane and starts to see Katherine.

* Jeremy needs to make a choice between family and his vampire hunter mission, if he can.

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