‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap of ‘My Brother’s Keeper’

To Sire with Love

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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap of ‘My Brother’s Keeper’

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Poor Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley)! How can he compete with his wicked brother who likes to break all …

Some reveals are too juicy to save. Although it doesn't happen until the last few minutes of "The Vampire Diaries:" "My Brother's Keeper" (air date Nov. 29, 2012) , Caroline (Candice Accola) uses her sharp vampire smarts to solve a mystery puzzle we don't want revealed.

To Sire with Love

She and Stefan (Paul Wesley) are having a cozy little chat about their friend. Caroline tells Stefan that he and Elena are "epic." He seems unmoved and was probably hoping for a nice warm hug from Caroline instead. Caroline works through some mental gymnastics and figures out the reason Elena (Nina Dobrev) bends so easily to Damon's (Ian Somerhalder) will. It's not love. It's not even lust. Well, there is some of each. But the spell that binds is not love. She's sired to him.

Team Damon Cheated!

What? She's not just head over heels in love with Damon? So much for Team Damon. He did not win her heart fairly. It was still fun to watch the pair finally get hot and heavy together, in a proper bed. Elena had to move out of her house because Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) can't control his urge to want to kill her. Where else could she go (um...Caroline's? Bonnie's? Tyler's) but to Damon and Stefan's house? It made hooking up that much easier.

Odd Couples

In true fashion, the good people of Mystic Falls host a formal event so the cast can get all dressed up and look pretty. This time it's the Miss Mystic Falls pageant, and orphaned April ( Grace Phipps) is the favorite to win. Matt (Zach Roerig) , the human hero, comes to April's rescue when her escort, Jeremy is MIA. Matt forgives Jeremy and they take their bromance to a new level. He moves into the Gilbert abode. As for April? Well, her memory's been wiped so many times she doesn't know which one she likes.

The other odd couples making a showing at the pageant are Caroline and resident evil hybrid Klaus (Joseph Morgan) , and Tyler (Michael Trevino) and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) . Tyler treats his werewolf friend like a buddy, but Hayley looks like she's hiding something. She's chatting up Professor Hot, er, Professor Shane (David Alpay) which Tyler notices. He doesn't give it too much thought because he's so distracted by how well Klaus is charming Caroline. Caroline and Tyler are pretending to be broken up, but Caroline's light laughter and flirting seems a little too natural.

Hybrid secrets

Although she denied it to Tyler, Hayley does know the professor more than reveals. She meets him later in his office to let him know almost all of the hybrids are unsired. Something big is going to go down, but Hayley wants Tyler to be uninvolved and safe.

Stefan's map quest

Stefan, in a desperate attempt to save Elena, spends a good portion of Jeremy's humanity. Stefan, being the conscientious vampire, finds a hospitalized murderer to turn into a vampire. He needs a vampire for Jeremy to kill so more of the hunter's mark (the map) can be revealed. The consequence is that Jeremy can no longer resist the urge to kill vampires, including his sister. With a black look in his eyes, Jeremy lunges a stake into Elena's neck. Stefan, not Damon appears in time to save her.

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