‘The Vampire Diaries:’ ‘The Rager-’ Party of Five

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‘The Vampire Diaries:’ ‘The Rager-’ Party of Five

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Mean girl Rebekah (Claire Holt) toys with Elena, then makes friends the pastor's daughter.

You won't like her when she's angry. On "The Vampire Diaries:" "The Rager" (aired Oct. 25, 2012) the newest vampire has anger management issues, the hybrid's girlfriends has some secret competition, the evil original is back, the Salvatore brothers continue to charm everyone, and the new vampire hunter is more than meets the eye.

Anger management

Elena (Nina Dobrev) struggles with her rage and anger as she settles into her new vampire persona. Her hatred for Rebekah Mikaelson (Claire Holt) bubbles to the surface and all she wants to do is kill her. Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) finds Elena ransacking his bedroom. She lies and says she needs to good alcohol he keeps. Ha! He sees through that, although she has been known to engage in quite a bit of underage drinking.

He knows she's looking for the white oak dagger that can kill the original vampire, also the ex-vamp of Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley). The new vampire shows up at mean girl Rebekah's "anti-curfew" party with the dagger that Damon "reluctantly" gave her.

Don't drink the Kool-aid

Stefan compels a random dude to give him his big red cup, Elena almost drinks it, but she doesn't. The vampire hunter has secretly poisoned the keg with werewolf blood that he grossly extracted from Tyler's gums. Nasty. It doesn't seem like the hunter knows Tyler (Michael Trevino) is a hybrid, so the blood may not have the full-on deadly effect as pure werewolf blood.

Elena drinks (shocker) and so does Rebekah after she swipes Elena's cup and her ring. Elena immediately starts burning in the sunlit kitchen (because in Mystic Falls they don't wait until dark to break curfew! Rebels!) The original tosses the ring in the garbage disposal but Elena retrieves it.

Stefan shows up to drag Elena away from the party. But first the goofy Elena decides to do a handstand on the keg, which seem to irk Rebekah even more than knowing Elena and Stefan get naked together. But first, they ride off into the daylight on Stefan's motorcycle.

Motorcycle diaries

In one of the most laughable visuals of the entire series, Elena gets daring and stands up on the back of the motorcycle while it's moving. She's usually pretty reckless in her decisions. Now she can follow her impulses without worrying about dying.

The Damon chronicles

While Elena and Stefan are getting hot and heavy after their joy ride, Elena starts imagining Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) on top of her. He even speaks to her, letting her know that as she changes she may turn out to be more like him than like Stefan on the vampire scale. This may seem bad at first, since Damon is usually set off as the "bad" brother, but he always has the right intentions and he has more self-control than his brother.

After she almost kills her ex-boyfriend, a.k.a the walking blood bag, Matt (Zach Roerig), Elena realizes this vampire thing is harder than she thought. She turns to Damon for help, knowing that right now she may want Stefan but she needs Damon.

"We know what you did last summer, Tyler"

Tyler was pretty naughty after he left Mystic Falls. He left to find a way to be "de-sired" from Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and gain back his free will. So how does a hybrid de-sire from the original who made him? By sending some time in the Appalachians with a super hot she-wolf, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin).

The sexy werewolf shows up on Tyler's door while he's being protected by Klaus' men. She's affectionate and flirty and Tyler doesn't seem to mind. He also doesn't tell her about his girlfriend, Caroline (Candice Accola). She shows up at Tyler's house and he brushes her off, without telling her about Hayley. If nothing happened in the woods, Tyler, you wouldn't be keeping secrets on both ends. This will all come back to bite him. Yes, bite him.

It's a trap!

Damon, being his cocky vampire self, goes to the vampire hunter's trailer. He finds the pastor's letter and then he gets shot with arrows that are attached to bombs. Oops. He calls the good doctor, Dr. Fell (Torrey Devitto) to help him extract the arrows without blowing him up into pretty little bits.

Jeremy the vampire hunter?

Connor Jordan (Todd Williams) waltzes into school and confronts Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen). He tell him the only people that can see his tattoo are vampire hunters and future vampire slayers. We also know that if Connor dies, another hunter will rise and take his place. It could be Jeremy, or the hunter could be wrong because he doesn't know that Jeremy has been to the other side and it could just be a side effect of the magic.

It's another trap!

Jeremy shows up at the hunter's trailer as instructed, and they go find Dr. Fell. In the hospital, Damon traps Connor with the arrow/bomb trick. Ta-da! Klaus is there to help Damon and is ready to kill the hunter until he sees the markings on the stake. He calls the hunter "one of the five."

The bombs are set off, Damon thinks it's a good thing, but Klaus has saved the hunter to live another day. He reveals that the vampire hunter is worth more to him alive than dead. There's also some history behind "the five" that Klaus was not ready to reveal.

What else happened on 'The Vampire Diaries:' 'The Rager'?

* Stefan reaches out to Caroline and asks for her help with Elena. Is there a future romance in store for these two vampires?

* Rebekah is poisoned by the werewolf blood, but Klaus saves Elena with his blood.

* April (guest star Grace Phipps) turns to Rebekah for friendship.

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