'The Vampire Diaries:' 'Memorial' Review - Love like Blood

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'The Vampire Diaries:' 'Memorial' Review - Love like Blood

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Ian Somerhalder sizzles on "Vampire Diaries."

If you were waiting for some hot action, bloody scenes, and a little self-awareness from a certain vampired orphan, "The Vampire Diaries:" "Memorial" (aired Oct. 18, 2012) delivered. With one of the main characters finally leaving behind humans for vampirism, "The Vampire Diaries" takes a turn down a dark and twisted road. It may never return to "normal."

Try in vain

Elena (Nina Dobrev) can't quite stomach being a vampire. Her rekindled flame Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) tries to help her by showing her how to avoid human blood. He brings her into the woods and the teary-eyed vampire-in-transition feeds on deer blood. To the credit of the director we see the deer, some tears from Elena and some blood on her face, but never her drinking from the woodland creature.

Because her senses are heightened, she can't hold back her desire for her vampire boyfriend. They kiss and land against a tree, acting out animal desires. Elena pushes him away, uses her new-found super speed and runs away, to vomit the blood. Don't take offense, Stefan, it wasn't your kissing. Your girlfriend can't transition with anything but human blood from the vein.

Stefan tries in vain to keep her away from human blood. Even Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder)

tries to feed her blood bank blood. They must have a blood drive daily in Mystic Falls to have such a well-stocked blood bank. Her blood lust is too strong, though, and she must turn to sucking blood from her friends.

Love like blood

The new vampire needs to feed and Stefan's animal-based diet isn't working. She turns to Damon for help. He offers her his wrist and his vein. All she wants is blood, she's not thinking about the meaning behind this act, or that it's a betrayal to her boyfriend. Damon is happy to let the woman he loves suck the blood from his veins. His pleasure shows on his face, yet the moment is one of tenderness and sweet affection, not lusty like Elena and Stefan in the woods.

Elena dresses up in a lacy, sort of red, peachy dress for the memorial of the Mystic Falls Town Council members, blown up last week by Pastor Young (guest star Michael Reilly Burke). She has a bad episode of vomiting blood in the basement bathroom. So who does she call? Her vampire beau that she loves? Nope. She calls the other brother.

She begs Damon for help and he brings her some new clothes. He brings her some dark clothes, more appropriate for a funeral, and more appropriate for a vampire. It's a subtle thing, but it shows that he is the one who will help her transition and deal with her dark vampire feelings. Stefan is worried about helping her keep her humanity, but Damon knows she has to crawl through a dark tunnel of voided feelings first.

Die another day

In hybrid news, Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino) gets intimate with Caroline (Candice Accola) stranger, Connor Jordan (Todd Williams) , knocks on the door and hands a strangely gloved hand as a way to introduce himself to Mrs. Lockwood (Susan Walters). She does not invite him in but he comes in anyway. At least we know he's no vampire.

The hybrid son leaves his lover's side to confront the intruder. They shake hands and Tyler's hand instantly starts burning. The new vampire hunter in town doesn't hesitate before shooting Tyler. Stefan is able to remove the bullets, which are hand-carved and marked with odd etchings. According to witch Bonnie (Katerina Graham) the markings have no magical meanings.

What else happened?

* The vampire hunter stabbed the pastor's daughter, April (guest star Grace Phipps) to see which people at the memorial would smell her blood and turn around.

* Matt (Zach Roerig) feels responsible for Elena becoming a vampire. He offers his blood to Elena in the church so she doesn't give herself away. She happily sucks from blood from the neck of her former boyfriend.

* Tyler took one for the team by taking the podium, making himself a target for the vampire hunter.

* Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) gives himself away as something other than human when he mentions the tattoos on the arm of the vampire hunter when they're all at the Mystic Grill. Matt tells him he didn't see any. The vampire hunter's curiosity is piqued.

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