‘The Vampire Diaries:’ ‘The Five’ - Something Witchy This Way Comes

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‘The Vampire Diaries:’ ‘The Five’ - Something Witchy This Way Comes

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Bonnie (Katerina Graham) may learn more than she bargained for when she visits the sexy professor.

On "The Vampire Diaries:" "The Five" (air date Nov. 1, 2012) we meet a new hottie, Professor Shane (David Alpay) who may be prove to be the "greater evil" coming to trouble for Mystic Falls. The doppelganger-turned-vampire still struggles with lack of a true choice between the two Salvatore brothers. She's trying to figure out what type of vampire she wants to be when she doesn't grow up. The trouble is, Damon (Ian Somerhalder), not Stefan may provide her with the less evil way of vampire life.

Flashback: 1100 A.D.

A witch lights a fire that travels in five paths, to five different vampire hunters. Tattoos vine up their muscled torsos and we get our first glimpse of "The Five." This is where we first catch a pleasing look at Alexander (Paul Telfer).

Never enough

Elena is like a vampire toddler and needs to be taught how to feed. She knows that her boyfriend can't be around too much human blood from an exposed vein. Because she used to be a doppelganger she cannot feed on animal blood or from a blood bag. She needs fresh, warm blood.

Professor Sexy

Damon helps her by taking her to a college where she can feed without detection. "Snatch, Eat, Erase" is the Mystic Falls version of "Gym, Tan, Laundry"' They sit it on a class about witches. Bonnie and Elena revel at Professor Shane (David Alpay) , a mysterious man that could go up against "Once Upon A Time's" Hook for "People" magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" cover.

She visits his office to retrieve some items that belonged to her grandmother. He asks her if she"practices," and she tells him she doesn't. He tempts her with the one thing Bonnie (Katerina Graham) can never resist, knowledge. He can teach her some things he tells her.

Boys don't cry

Damon, Elena and Bonnie attend a murder mystery party, the ideal setting for a feeding frenzy. He's the ripper and they dress like his victims. Elena tries to stay in control but she gets caught up in the dancing, the feeding, and with dancing close to Damon. Bonnie walks in on the party and Elena feels guilty for her behavior and walks out.

Elena feels bad for behaving like a...vampire. Bonnie tries to shame both Elena and Damon because they were having fun. Damon lets the girls know that the reason he can control his blood lust, in a way that Stefan, is because he has fun drinking human blood. He enjoys it and that's why he can leave his victims alive and well to breathe another day.

Damon is really the light, not the dark, and as soon as Elena sees that she will realize she really is more like Damon than Stefan, and Damon is more like her. But none of that will matter when Stefan and Klaus cure the doppelganger. What's that you say, there's a cure?


Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is more than just the hybrid we all love to hate. He's quite a storyteller. He invites Stefan and Rebekah Mikaelson (Claire Holt) to dinner, while the vampire hunter, Connor Jordan (Todd Williams), is locked up in another room. He tells the story of Rebekah falling in love with vampire hunter Alexander. He accuses her of not believing in him, and of betraying him. Poor Rebekah didn't do it on purpose.

As Klaus perceptively states, she falls for any guy who gives her the slightest bit of attention. Alexander romanced Rebekah, promised to marry her, and told her he could cure her. He also tells her the sword is the key to reading the tattoo symbol (which are a map). Then he stabs her in the back. The rest of her siblings are also attacked by "The Five." But because they are The Originals, they don't die. Instead, Klaus kills Alexander.

The cure

The tattoos on the vampire hunter match the symbols on Alexander's sword. Klaus needs to the sword so he can find the cure, fix Elena, and continue to make his hybrid army. Stefan tricks Rebekah into revealing the hidden location of the sword. It's with Alexander's body that she buried at the church where they were to be married. Klaus then stakes Rebekah and for the first time it's hard not to feel truly sorry for his little sister.

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