‘The Vampire Diaries:’ ‘All My Children’

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Torrey DeVitto, a.k.a. Dr. Death shows her true colors on "The Vampire Diaries:" "All My Children" aired on Feb. 16, 2012.

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Torrey DeVitto, a.k.a. Dr. Death shows her true colors on "The Vampire Diaries:" "All My Children" aired …

Does Damon (Ian Somerhalder) really give up on Elena (Nina Dobrev)? Is Stefan (Paul Wesley) ready to embrace love again? Are we falling for Klaus (Joseph Morgan) or is that just Caroline (Candice Accola)? Change is underway, mainly because the best laid plans of vampires and witches sometimes go awry. There are surprises and disappointments around every corner of "The Vampire Diaries:" "All My Children" (aired Feb. 16, 2012).

I Know What You Did Last Night

Elena wakes up alone. Sigh. She makes two calls. The first one is to Stefan who ignores her call because he's busy writing in his journal, because he's too old school for Twitter. She calls Damon next, who at least has the decency to answer. She wants to talk but he doesn't. She says he can't be mad at her because she hurt his feelings and he needs to get over it. "Oh, I'm over it," he says. He hangs up and we see the shirtless Damon next to last night's conquest: Rebekah (Claire Holt).

The pair make small talk as Damon (still without a shirt) walks her to the door. When the door opens we see Elena on the other side, truly surprised to see a rumpled Rebekah in her wrinkled dress and a half-naked Salvatore. Rebekah smiles at Elena, savoring her revenge. Damon lets Elena know that Rebekah did not have to compel him to get him into bed. Ouch.

Spell It

Bonnie tries to recreate the privacy spell that Esther used. Elena is going on about Damon and Rebekah. Caroline is out in the hallway checking if the spell is working. It's not. "I can hear every word you're saying about Damon the vampire gigolo," she says.


Elijah (Daniel Gillies) shows up at the Gilbert's and asks Elena to come with him. The vampire who wears his honor on his sleeve is quite compelling, even to the doppelganger who can't be compelled. He brings her to the woods for a little history lesson about fields of horses and underground caves.

He lets her know he knows she lied last night and is lying right now. He has figured out his mother's plan and Elena confirms it for him. He breaks the ground and swoops her down into an underground cave. He vanishes. This wouldn't be all that terrible if the vampire she "stabbed in the back," Rebekah, wasn't there to torment her.

Let's Make a Deal

Elijah shows up at the Salvatore house and says the only way to keep his mother from killing his family is if the witch train is derailed. He says one of the Salvatores has to do it because when they show up the witches won't be suspicious. The brothers have no choice because it's the only way to save Elena.


Rebekah is not pleased that Elena betrayed her. Sleeping with Damon was just the beginning. She tells Elena she has permission to kill her if the Salvatore brothers don't play along with her big brother's plan to bring down the witches. The doppelganger is truly frightened but makes a run for it and ends up in the part of the cave where there are "no vampires allowed." Rebekah records Elena on her phone, tosses gasoline on her, and threatens to set her on fire if she doesn't come out.

Elena tries to reason her way out of the situation. She tells Rebekah she's only mad because Elena hurt her feelings. She says she knows that Rebekah won't set her on fire because she'd rather torment the doppelganger over time. The original agrees.

Fight Club

Damon calls Alaric (Matt Davis) and asks him to help distract the two originals who are at the bar to have some fun. "I'm surprised you have time to call her with all the original sex you've been having" he says to Damon.

Caroline walks in to lure Klaus away from his brother. The plan is, "kill one to kill them all" thanks to their mom's spell. There's some sort of strange spark between the two vampires although Caroline tries really hard to dislike him. She tells him, "You and your expensive jewelry and romantic drawings can leave me alone." He likes the challenge that is Caroline.

The doctor (Torrey Devitto) distracts Kol with charm and a game of pool. Alaric manages to dagger Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) and drag him into an alley. Klaus starts asking Caroline what she's done because he can feel something is wrong after his brother is stabbed. Elijah shows up to remove the dagger and save his siblings.

Heads, Tails, Bonnie Always Loses

The Salvatore brothers flip a coin to see who will be the one to kill one of the witches. They follow Bonnie and Abby (Persia White) into the house and Bonnie heads for the basement. She meets up with Stefan while Damon is busy transforming her mom from vampire to witch. It was the only way to break the spell but not kill her permanently.

Bonnie won't see Elena later, and Caroline plays friend blocker. Caroline points out that Bonnie is upset because her mom is going to be a vampire. She says Bonnie is always on the losing end of the "let's save Elena again" game.

We Are Family

The lost boys show up at mom's spell site. Esther (Alice Evans) and her "favorite son" Finn (Caspar Zafer) are there to complete the spell. Finn was to be the sacrificial lamb. With the Bennet line disrupted, Esther loses the power to complete the spell and she disappears.

Back at the house Elijah tells Rebekah that Esther made them vampires but they turned themselves into monsters. Rebekah then goes to Klaus for a moment of bonding saying he was the only one who never left her. She pulls out her phone and shows him what she discovered in the save when she was tormenting the doppelganger. There's a second, younger white ash tree growing according to the cave drawings, which means there is still a way to bring down the originals.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Alaric has bad luck with women. It's the kind of luck that should send him running to the hills and banging down the doors of the nearest monastery. Yet, he manages to continue to hone in on the any woman voted "most likely to leave you dead" after a date. After the fighting he goes back to Dr. Death's apartment and she checks him for a concussion and tells him his rib is broken. Later he wakes up to find some files and the dagger used to kill the council members. "You weren't supposed to find that," she says and shoots him.

It's no surprise that the good doctor is playing God by killing, saving and resurrecting the residents of Mystic Falls. The question is, "Why?"

Damon vs. Stefan, Round 101

Stefan lets Damon know he saw what he did during the coin flip. Stefan was supposed to take down the witch. Damon points out that Stefan is returning to his old self, hasn't been drinking human blood, and he still has a chance with Elena. Damon seems like he is giving up on his heart's desire because he knows he can't win her and she doesn't want him. He'd rather be the bad guy, anyway.

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