Usher Alive Despite Death Report: Other Recent Stars to Experience Internet Death Hoaxes

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Usher Alive Despite Death Report: Other Recent Stars to Experience Internet Death Hoaxes

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Usher is alive and well, despite death hoax rumors.

Rapper Usher is the latest victim of an Internet death hoax. According to a news report, the 33-year-old singer was killed in a horrific car crash near Atlanta and it was suggested that his funeral would include a closed casket. However, fans can breathe a sigh of relief because the popular star is alive and well. He quickly took to Twitter to ease everyone's minds and even included a picture of himself showing off his buff look. "I must've died and went to heaven," he said on the social website. "Alive and cold kickin a**!!" Usher is hardly the first victim of an internet death hoax. In fact, several other stars have had to deal with the same problem recently. Here is a look at some other famous people that had to hear fake reports about their death in the last few months alone.

Patrick Dempsey

"Grey's Anatomy" fans must have had nightmares when they heard that McDreamy had died as a result of a stunt gone bad. Of course, we all know that he is fine and still going strong on the popular TV show. The actor calmed down the storm when he poked fun at the hoax on Twitter by posting "Hi I am back from the dead!" after learning of the reports.

Jon Bon Jovi

The rocker must have been a little surprised to learn that he had died while touring in New Jersey. As fans were freaking out, his rep quickly dismissed reports of the singer's demise. "He's alive and well and performing yet another charity gig in Red Bank," said the spokesperson. Showing that he has a sense of humor, the performer posed for a photograph while holding sign with the phrase "Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey."

Reba McEntire

In January, the red-headed country star was the victim of false reports that said she had died while climbing mountains in Europe. The singer dispelled the rumors on Twitter by posting, "While I would love to be shooting a movie in Austria, I definitely did not fall off a mountain! Nor am I dead! I am alive and kicking!!!" Reba has since been seen by millions as she co-hosted the ACM Awards with fellow country singer Blake Shelton in March.

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