Tyra Banks Earns Harvard Diploma: Other Ivy League Celebrities

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Natalie Portman is another Harvard grad!

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Natalie Portman is another Harvard grad!

Tyra Banks can boast a lot of things in her career. She has been a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. She has hosted a number of reality shows. She even stars on her own talk show. Now she can add a Harvard diploma to her impressive list of accomplishments. Banks received her diploma after completing Harvard's Executive Education Owner/President Management program. It might not have been the typical college program but Banks now has that prestigious certificate. There are a number of other celebrities that received some form of education from Ivy League schools. Here is a look at the most accomplished celebrities with Ivy League degrees.

Jodie Foster - Yale

The two time Oscar winning actress is just one of many famous stars to own a Yale degree. Foster graduated from the prestigious Connecticut school in 1985. Within the next six years show owned two Best Actress awards. She is an accomplished producer and director as well. Among the other famous stars to graduate from Yale are Edward Norton, Paul Giamatti, and Meryl Streep.

Natalie Portman - Harvard

The "Black Swan" star earned her Harvard degree in 2003. She was the actress referenced in the hit film "The Social Network." Like Foster, Portman went from Ivy League alum to Oscar darling after winning the award a year ago. Among the other famous Harvard alums are Conan O'Brien, Tommy Lee Jones, and Rashida Jones. Matt Damon also attended but dropped out.

John Krasinski - Brown

The star of "The Office" is starting to appear in more and more movies. The star graduated from Brown University in 2001 as a playwright. He has since turned his sitcom fame into roles opposite stars like George Clooney. He isn't the only original actor on "The Office" two attend one of the Ivy League schools. B.J. Novak attended Harvard and Mindy Kaling attended Dartmouth. Former star Rashida Jones and newer cast member Ellie Kemper are also Ivy League alums. Talk about your smart show.

Elizabeth Banks - Penn

Banks will appear in the upcoming film "The Hunger Games" but is mostly known for her roles in comedies. She recently earned an Emmy nomination for her recurring guest spot on "30 Rock." She might not look it but the actress has a strong educational background. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1996.

Brooke Shields - Princeton

Her most famous role came as a teenager in "The Blue Lagoon." Long regarded as a sex symbol, the former wife of tennis legend Andre Agassi spent her formative years at Princeton. She graduated from the elite school in 1987. Other Princeton graduates to make it big in Hollywood include David Duchovny, Ethan Coen, and Wentworth Miller.

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