How Has 'Two and a Half Men' Fared Without Charlie Sheen?

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Jon Cryer with his new "Two and a Half Men" co-worker Ashton Kutcher.

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Jon Cryer with his new "Two and a Half Men" co-worker Ashton Kutcher.

Whether or not "Two and a Half Men" executives know CPR remains uncertain but "Two and a Half Men" star Jon Cryer claims the execs' decision to fire Charlie Sheen back in May saved his former co-worker's life. As the New York Post covered Wednesday, December 14th the man responsible for bringing the leachy Alan Harper character to life recently did an interview with Esquire magazine and said "I believe when they decided to bring in another actor it saved Charlie's life." Now a dozen episodes into the Ashton Kutcher era, you might wonder "How has firing The Machine affected the sitcom's lifeline?"

Fan Feedback

Checking out the Twitter dialogue from #TwoAndAHalfMen you will notice many individuals yearning for Charlie Sheen. For instance, Bryan Nardo (@nardeybicardi) tweets "#twoandahalfmen with Charlie Sheen was the best, #classic." Within the Charlie Sheen love come varying opinions though. People like Sanchez Garcia (@dsanchez1109) who tweets "#TwoAndAHalfMen is not the same without @charliesheen! Funny… but not the same #wompwomp" demonstrate tolerance for the "Two and a Half Men" era headed by the former "That 70s Show" star. Others strongly dislike the new season. For example, Morgan Ofstad (@MorganOfstad) tweets "Charlie Sheen is so much better than Ashton in #TwoAndAHalfMen it's terrible now # :(." To be fair Kutch does receive some #TwoAndAHalfMen love on Twitter. However, the support for Good Time Charlie often overwhelms the pro Ashton tweets.


While fan response on Twitter might indicate the hit comedy flat lining, a look at television rankings shows the sitcom's vitals doing well, really well in some areas especially! The Wrap reveals in their article "CBS: 'Two and a Half Men' Ratings Surge Validates Decision to Bring Show Back" between last season and this season the series' target 18-49 demographic increased by nearly two points (4.6 season eight, 6.4 season nine). This increase occurred with "Two and a Half Men" staying put on Mondays at 9:00pm ET. Considering everything, you can reasonably conclude the tweeting naysayers represent the vocal minority. The majority continue to get a satisfying hilarity fix from CBS's famed sitcom.

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