Twitter Talk: Miley Cyrus Fights Anorexia Rumors and Ashley Judd Wants to Hear from Protesters

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Miley Cyrus will perform at "Christmas Cheers and Charity" which benefits Guatamala.

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Miley Cyrus will perform at "Christmas Cheers and Charity" which benefits Guatamala.

It's another week in Tinseltown and the biggest celebrities from Hollywood are taking to Twitter to talk to their fans and family. Here are the celeb tweets of the week!

Barbados babe Rihanna sings a tune, "So if u love me baby, this is how u let me know, don't eva let me go...#baby #foreveryoung #1LOVE"

King of R&B Usher leaks some news about his upcoming plans with pal Justin Bieber, "Ohh...and trust we got a duet coming for "LOOKING 4 MYSELF" and "BELIEVE" he has come a long way. Proud to see his evolution as an artist!"

Pop diva Mariah Carey takes a stroll with her babes, "Don't forget to walk today for National Walking Day. I might just take#dembabies out for a stroll: )"

Katy Perry faces off with the media. "O the joy of something verbally said being taking out of complete context in PRINT. This is why there's a continuous ♥/☹ for the media world"

Reality vixen Kim Kardashian gets freaked out. "I would never chat roulette alone... I've been warned! @ScottDisick & friends & I will be on in like an hour! This should be interesting! " "Omg the things I'm witnessing on chat roulette!!!!!"

Hip-hop favorite Drake has a good time. "Paris was incredible. So much love. Just got to hug Mehdi's sister! Just a great night...thank you."

Princess of crunk and R&B Ciara has some advice, "Being Able to Self Assess, Prepares You for the Future. There's Nothing More Powerful than Knowing when You were wrong/are wrong."

Serena Williams is confused. "I'm not sure if I won a tournament or pageant. #ToePointQueen"

Teen queen Miley Cyrus denies anorexia rumors. "For everyone calling me anorexic I have a gluten and lactose allergy. It's not about weight it's about health. Gluten is crapppp anyway!"

Actress Ashley Judd tweets about her upcoming essay. "Organizing a protest at a local store that sells sexualized clothing for little girls? My essay will be on my web site soon, along with my heartfelt thanks to my friends & mentors who read it & supported me. They cheered me on & gave me courage. Thank you."

Mark Ruffalo wants to hang with his fans and benefit charity at the same time! "Wannna join me and ScarJo at the Moscow premiere of the@Avengers? You can. Bid here: Auction benefits@WaterDefense"

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