Trend Alert: Kendall Jenner and Other Celebs Rock Wacky Leggings and Tights

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Is Kendall Jenner trying to become a wild child?

The very fashion-forward teen was photographed sporting a pair of slashed-up black leggings at LAX airport, which she paired with a belly-baring but loose-fitting white top, sneakers, and a hoodie. Her look would have been extremely low-key without the cut-outs on her leggings and that bit of belly skin, but perhaps 16-year-old Kendall is already being taught some tactics to get attention from her older sisters.

Some might consider her leggings tacky, but those who think they're stylish are the ones who are on-trend - wacky leggings and tights have been extremely popular with celebrities this spring.

Beyonce must also be a fan of the cut-out look, because last week she was spotted sporting a pair of bizarre, skin-baring tights featuring geometrical fishnet cutouts. The tights might look pretty trendy when paired with a cute dress, but they were way too sexy for the rest of her outfit - a blue T-shirt that was much too short, a frumpy black cardigan, sneakers, and a fedora.

Of course Nicki Minaj is one of the biggest fans of wacky leggings and tights. Last week in London she really showed off her star power by wearing a pair of black leggings covered with white stars. While her leggings were certainly very busy, it was her coat that was really eye-catching - it looked like she skinned a giant pink Muppet. While it worked for her, the look would be way too wild for anyone else. However, her star leggings could be paired with a plain white T-shirt for a look that's still fun without being too over-the-top.

Nicki was also recently photographed wearing a pair of zebra stripe tights paired with a white button-up shirt and a black leotard. The top half of her look was almost business-like, but the bottom half would get her fired in an instant. Perhaps the zebra tights would have looked better paired with a flowy black top.

Leggings and tights don't have to be covered with crazy patterns to look wacky - Pamela Anderson was recently photographed wearing a pair of flesh-colored leggings in Germany. She paired them with a short white T-shirt featuring a picture of a seal, but she really should have gone with something longer to cover up her unfortunate-looking crotch area. She was in Germany to support a PETA campaign against the use of seal skin, so that's why she was wearing the shirt. Perhaps she paired it with the flesh-colored tights to make a statement by making it look like she was wearing human skin or something.

So would you wear any of these attention-grabbing leggings or tights, or are they best left to the celebs who already get tons of stares?

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