Tracy Morgan Hospitalized - Other Celebs Treated for Exhaustion

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Tracy Morgan's masturbation comments about Sarah Palin was just so wrong!

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Tracy Morgan's masturbation comments about Sarah Palin was just so wrong!

Tracy Morgan was rushed to a hospital in Park City, Utah, after falling unconscious following an appearance at the Sundance Film Festival on Sunday night. According to TMZ, the actor looked "extremely intoxicated" while being honored at the Creative Coalition Spotlight Awards during the festival.

However, the "30 Rock" star's rep, Lewis Kay, told TMZ that the incident occurred because of "a combination of exhaustion and altitude...any reports of Tracy consuming alcohol are 100 percent false."

While the former "Saturday Night Live" comedian has been arrested twice for driving under the influence of alcohol, in more recent years he has suffered his share of health problems. The star of the upcoming film "Predisposed" was diagnosed with diabetes several years ago, and has used his own struggles with the illness for material on episodes of "30 Rock." Including an incident where the illness nearly claimed his foot. Morgan also received a kidney transplant in late 2010.

The 43-year-old funnyman is not the first star to fall prey to exhaustion. Celebs often follow brutal schedules to promote their various endeavors.

Lady Gaga

The "Paparazzi" hit-maker recently detailed her struggles with a "fog" of exhaustion that "hovers over" her at all times. She stunned fans in early 2010 when she canceled several shows citing exhaustion and fatigue. "I am so devastated. I have performed with the flu, a cold, strep throat: I would never cancel a show just based on discomfort… Paramedics came to take care of me, and told me my heart-rate was irregular - a result of exhaustion and dehydration," the singer tweeted.


More recently, pop diva Rihanna fell victim to a bout of exhaustion while touring in Sweden. After the announcement was made that she was cancelling several shows due to health concerns, the 23-year-old singer tweeted a photo of her arm hooked up an IV drip.

Mariah Carey

Shortly after being named 'Best Selling Pop Female Artist of the Millenium' and being awarded a record-breaking $100 million contract with Virgin Records, the queen of pop at the turn of the century suffered a career-altering breakdown. In what is often referred to as one of the most infamous episodes of celebrity "exhaustion," Carey cancelled all public appearances and took to her website (pre-Twitter) to provide evidence of her declining mental stability--"All I really want is [to] just be me and that's what I should have done in the first place."

Dave Chappelle

Pop divas with arduous tour schedules and complicated stage performances are not the only celebrities to suffer from exhaustion. Fellow comedian and TV producer Dave Chappelle was hospitalized for exhaustion in the summer of 2007. Barring a few stand-up performances, the comic has all but dropped out of show business. Hopefully, Morgan's exhaustion doesn't produce similar results.

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