Tracy Anderson Responds to Backlash Following Pregnancy Comments

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Tracy Anderson Responds to Backlash Following Pregnancy Comments

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Tracy Anderson

When you give a pregnant woman a cookie, you expect her to eat it, right?

Not if you're trainer to the stars, Tracy Anderson. The celebrity fitness guru accused expectant moms of using their pregnant status to give themselves permission to eat fattening foods.

"A lot of women use pregnancy as an excuse to let their bodies go, and that's the worst thing," she told Du Jour magazine. "I've seen so many women who come to me right after [having children] with disaster bodies that have gone through hell, or they come to me years later and say, 'Oh, my body is like this because I had three kids.'"

The woman who boasts such A-list clients as Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Nicole Richie, Courteney Cox, and Jennifer Lopez tried to back off from her fat bashing remarks on ABC's "Good Morning America" yesterday, claiming she was "mortified" by other women's response to her remarks.

"It sounds so bad when it comes back like that," she told Lara Spencer. "It's not what I meant. I've spent 14 years very focused on creating all of this original content, testing on women to make sure I can give [them] something that really works, so they can be their most empowered self."

"The last thing I would do is judge a woman," she added, "especially after children."

But not all women were buying into Anderson's quasi-apology, which seemed to equate empowerment with fitting into your skinny jeans.

"What is the big rush?" asked a HuffPo reader, who urged new moms to focus on their health, not their waist size. "This national obsession with being a size 2 or smaller is ridiculous"

An Us Weekly reader was even tougher on the diet diva. "After she got her lips done and belly tucked, she is going to criticize 'normal' moms for not getting into shape?" she asked incredulously.

Ironically, Anderson may have dug herself into an even deeper hole with new moms after GMA's Spencer mentioned she allowed herself to indulge in her cravings for cookies when she was pregnant. The fitness queen seemed sympathetic, but she couldn't resist adding that such reckless eating may cause children to develop chronic diseases. "Research shows that to have empty calories going into our body during pregnancy, we are setting our babies up for the rest of their lives -- with cancer, with diabetes, all kinds of things," she said.

The creator of the Tracy Anderson Method had her defenders, however. "It is my guess that the women that are offended by these truthful comments are most likely guilty of using such excuses," wrote a commenter on the What to Expect blog. She diplomatically added, "But kinder words could always be used in any touchy subject."

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