Tough Week for Lindsay Lohan: Three Ways She Can Revive Her Career

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Tough Week for Lindsay Lohan: Three Ways She Can Revive Her Career

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Lindsay Lohan has a tough week ahead of her.

Things always seem to go from bad to worse for Lindsay Lohan, and the last week has been no exception. Not only has her highly anticipated turn as Elizabeth Taylor in "Liz & Dick" been panned by critics, but the troubled actress could be facing more jail time. According to reports, a judge is set to revoke her probation as soon as Lindsay is formally charged with lying to the police. The star reportedly lied about her involvement in a car accident this summer, and the pending charges seem certain to threaten the probation she received from her 2011 jewel theft case. Between the negative reviews and the potential prison stint, Lindsay's career is as low as it has ever been. Obviously, getting her life in order is the top priority. However, can Lindsay ever hope to restore her once-promising career? Here are a few ideas that might help the star once again become famous for the right reasons.

Call up Tina Fey

Lindsay was never more famous than she was after starring in the 2004 comedy "Mean Girls," a film written by "30 Rock" star Tina Fey. Now that Tina's NBC sitcom is wrapping up its final season, she has plenty of time to focus on movies. Tina already has a few films in the works, but maybe she could find the time to write something for Lindsay. The two captured glory once before, and maybe they can do it again. A lot of time has passed for both stars, and Tina might have little interest in working with the troubled star again. But if anyone can help Lindsay make a comeback with a hit comedy, it's Tina.

Write a book

There aren't a lot of 26-year-old people out there that have led a life as crazy as the one Lindsay has led so far. If she were to write a book about her experiences, it would definitely draw interest from all sorts of people. Between her family life, career, and legal issues, this is a book that that would have plenty of stories to tell. As an added bonus, it could paint Lindsay in a sympathetic light. The first step toward making a comeback is gaining favor among fans, and a tell-all book could be just what the doctor ordered.

Star in a sitcom

With Lindsay's toxic reputation, landing a major movie role won't be easy. Instead, why not look for a sitcom? Charlie Sheen recently made a successful comeback with the FX series "Anger Management," and Lindsay could follow in his footsteps. The cable networks have been willing to take risks with new comedies, and a show involving LiLo would draw viewers out of sheer curiosity. If she surrounds herself with the right creative team, a Lindsay-themed sitcom could turn into a major hit.

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