Tori Spelling is Pregnant with Her Fourth Child! Plus a Look at Celebs with Large Families

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Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott are going to be parents for the fourth time! They welcomed a baby girl, Hattie, into the world just this past October, and are also parents to son Liam and another daughter, Stella. The couple have always said they wanted four children, but a fourth pregnancy so close to the "Beverly Hills, 90210" star's last delivery was a little unexpected.

Spelling's former co-star, Jennie Garth, recently made a more somber announcement in that she and husband Peter Facinelli were divorcing after 11 years of marriage and three children, so although the news from the "A Friend to Die For" actress may be a little surprising, it's certainly a much happier report!

The 38-year-old wrote on her website, accompanied by a photo of her three children's hands on her expanding tummy, "Dean, Liam, Stella, Hattie, and I are beyond thrilled to announce that another little McDermott is on the way! We feel truly blessed that another angel has found us."

The 45-year-old actor has another son, 13-year-old Jack, from his first marriage and has said they'll limit their growing family to four children, alluding to the fact they he may get as vasectomy. McDermott remarked, "Once we have a fourth, I think that's really kind of decision time whether to shut it down."

While many parents have been choosing to limit their families to two or three kids, there are several Hollywood couples who have decided to have a large family with three or more children.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have six kids. The actress recently said that " seeing Brad Pitt around their children makes her love him even more." They have three biological children, Shiloh, who is five and three-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne. The Hollywood power couple also have three adopted kids, Maddox, ten, Pax, eight, and seven-year-old Zahara.

"The Tourist" actress remarked, "When I see how much love is in Brad's eyes for the twins and for all our children, it's a moving experience for me. He has such a beautiful time and feels so proud showing them different sights whenever we visit cities and he's like a teacher in that way."

Another actor with a rather large brood is Chris O'Donnell. The "Batman" star and his wife Caroline Fentress have five kids at home. In 2010, the "NCIS" actor told Michigan Avenue magazine the fifth was the result of a little miscommunication.

He remarked, "I always wanted five children, but when we got four, I was like, okay, we're done." Less than a year later, his dream was fulfilled when they found they were expecting a fifth. The sexy actor added, "Five was the only time we were really surprised. All along the way we were strategic about what we were doing and then, uh, a little miscommunication there."

Sometimes, it really is the more the merrier!

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