Will Topless Gwyneth Paltrow Pic Make Fake Breasts Passe?

Could No-Cleavage Look Catch On?

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Can Gwyneth Paltrow make smaller breasts acceptable among actresses?

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Can Gwyneth Paltrow make smaller breasts acceptable among actresses?

In a media culture where anything under a Double D is considered flat chested, actress and singer Gwyneth Paltrow may have exposed more than her petite pair when she posed topless for the August issue of Vanity Fair. As part of the magazine's On Jewellery feature, Paltrow's picture opens the actress up to taunts of being "too skinny" and not stereotypically sexy like Marilyn Monroe throwback Christina Hendricks.

With Paltrow's fat paychecks, the "Iron Man" actress could certainly afford to pay a top plastic surgeon to make her look more like a Playboy bunny than Olympic gymnast. Her choice not to surgically inflate her breasts counters conventional wisdom that men will not pay to see movie actresses who lack Barbie doll figures.

Paltrow may be part of a new "small is beautiful" trend when it comes to breast size. The Daily Mail recently featured a photo spread of Cheryl Cole, Gwen Stefani and Gwyneth Paltrow wearing dresses that played up their lack of cleavage, creating speculation that stock in silicone implants could sink. As Mail reporter Deborah Arthurs wrote, "The bony-chested triumvirate took to the carpet this week in deep plunging dresses with dramatically flattened décolletages, proving the new must-have cleavage is no cleavage."

Reaction to the Paltrow picture in Vanity Fair has been a mixed bag.

A commenter on SFGate.com wrote, "I was built like her once...when I was twelve...but then I filled out on top, and the rest is history!"

Another commenter wrote, "Would be better if she actually had boobs!"

But a blogger for male-oriented Egotastic differed: "The lithesome hottie poses in just panties and stockings, her upper body discreetly (and unfortunately) covered by her very lucky hands. Still, a most desirable visual indeed."

Could Paltrow's pride in her real-sized breasts start a new backlash against boob jobs? So far this year reports have surfaced of LeAnn Rimes getting fake breasts, supposedly to make them more proportionate to her body.

Last year Kate Hudson got breast implants, though not quite as large as the digitally enhanced breasts used in her posters for "Fool's Gold." An inside source sympathized with the actress, saying, "Kate makes jokes about her boobs, but her chest has always been one of her biggest insecurities."

Whether insecure actresses will take a page from Paltrow's book in the future is yet to be seen, but it is possible the popular new picture of Paltrow could make it harder for plastic surgeons to pay their mortgages in Beverly Hills.

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