The Top Five Not-So-Serious Matt Dillon Moments

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With his teen heartthrob days long behind him, actor Matt Dillon has had a career's worth of memorable onscreen moments. And while he'd probably rather be known for his more serious roles in movies like "Drugstore Cowboy" and "Crash," some fans are smitten with the other side of this versatile star.

Here's a look at five of Matt Dillon's most memorable movie, TV and music video moments- sans the serious stuff:

"Little Darlings" (1980). Back in the beginning, when he and his "Little Darlings" co-star Kristy McNichol still had the same hairstyle, Matt Dillon was the thing that Tiger Beat covers were made of. Dillon's real-life story- that he was discovered by a talent agent while cutting classes at his high school- made him all the more intriguing. His role as summer camp hunk Randy in this 1980 movie had teen girls in a tizzy- and a star was born.

"Fairytale of New York" video (1987). Dillon's cameo in the quirky Pogues music video, "Fairytale of New York" had him playing a gum-chomping policeman who drags singer Shane MacGowan to the jail's drunk tank. But even some diehard Dillon fans may have missed this one- the actor's appearance in the vid is brief and the song wasn't exactly on heavy rotation on MTV.

"Singles" (1992). Dillon's role as stoner grunge rocker Cliff Poncier gave Sean Penn's infamous Jeff Spicoli character ("Fast Times at Ridgemont High") a run for his money. Dillon played the part to a tee, complete with scruffy flannels and long rock star hair. A sample line from Dillon's grunge rocker character? When asked by his wannabe girlfriend (Bridget Fonda) if her breasts are too small for him, Poncier replies, "Sometimes." How can you not love that?

"There's Something About Mary"(1998). The handsome Dillon transformed into sleazy private detective Pat Healy in this raunchy comedy, a guy who tries to steal his client's high school prom date, Mary (played by Cameron Diaz). The skinny mustache, hair grease and capped teeth helped Dillon get the Healy look but- bad egg that he was (he drugged Mary's dog!)- suffice it to say Healy didn't get the girl in the end.

"Modern Family" (2011). His 2011 guest spot on the sitcom "Modern Family"' showcased Dillon at his creepy-guy best. He played Robbie Sullivan, the smarmy limousine-driver ex-boyfriend of Claire (Julie Bowen), who later hooks up with Claire's mom (Shelley Long). Ewwww! Besides making eyes at a princess birthday party Cinderella, this cheeseball makes out with chicks- in his limo- saying, "What happens in the limo stays in the limo." We sure hope so!

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