Top 10 Celeb Twitpics of the Week

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Top 10 Celeb Twitpics of the Week

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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are having a baby, Jillian Michaels is back on 'Biggest Loser,' and Zoe Saldana goes zip-lining.

"New year, new beginnings!" - Kim Kardashian

"FAM" - Kanye West

"Thanks for listening, bet you understand." - Selena Gomez

"Smart Caption goin on with my Lyrics lol" - PSY

"Great having @JillianMichaels back! Watch tonight at 8PM. I brought in a bunch of CrossFit HEAVY HITTERS!!" - Bob Harper

"I love my new casetagram iPhone case. They rock" - LeAnn Rimes

""@jessetyler: When Gloria DOES clean she uses a leopard print broom. @SofiaVergara"jaja. Ladytiger." - Sofia Vergara

"Hahaha!" - Miley Cyrus

"Pearl and I are hitting the road! #someservicedog #blackpearl @ Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)" - Jennie Garth

"Zip-lining 150 feet high!!! WTF! It is amazing! -ZS" - Zoe Saldana

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