Top 10 Celeb Twitpics of the Week

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Katy Perry

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Katy Perry

Lindsay Lohan can't believe her eyes; Katy Perry does SNL, and Kim Kardashian cooks.

"my morning green drink ... yuk -" - Rosie O'Donnell

"Is this for real??? My friend has a trained cheetah in his car ... That's nuts!!!!!!!!" - Lindsay Lohan

"Clearly my favorite ornament for the tree :)" - Lisa rinna

"Two new pals, two geniuses from next weeks CMT awards. Payton and Chesney" - Rob Lowe

"Only in LA at a Poquito Mas restaurant" - LeAnn Rimes

"I'm so happy for @joshkrajcik, his mom & his family!" - Nicole Scherzinger

"This is happening... Tune in to #SNL tonight on NBC at 11:30p/10:30p Central!" - Katy Perry

"We're the 6 best friends that anyone could have" - Selena Gomez

"Luckiest girl in the world. Woke up to these 2 licking my face :)" - Miley Cyrus

"Needed some pancakes too!I'm going in tonight!!! Cooking lessons are paying off!" -Kim Kardashian

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