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Jonah Hill

Sometimes one event dominates the Twitterverse. This time it was the 84th Annual Academy Awards. What were some of the Oscar tweets?

"and a BIG SHOUTOUT to Billy Crystal. Thanks for letting be a part of the show and you killed it tonight. #muchlove." - Justin Bieber

"Thanks AU, thanks Montgomery, thanks home state.....thanks family!" - Octavia Spencer

"Congratulations to The Artist! Enjoy your night, and remember I'm available for the sequel." - Ellen DeGeneres

"Reader tells me she knew Davis would lose when Spencer won. Politics: "Two white men and two black women were not going to be in that photo." - Robert Ebert

"Oscar du meilleur acteur !" - Jean Dujardin

"I can't sleep. I'm too excited and nervous for tomorrow. This is crazy. So weird and cool." - Jonah Hill

"Wow Angelina went fun & sexy!!!! LOVE." - Kim Kardashian

"Just left Elton's party on my way to Madonna's I am one lucky girl." - Kelly Osbourne

"Meryl. That's how you accept an Oscar." - Rob Lowe

"Just got home from Polynesia and missed the Oscars completely. I assume Tree of Life swept everything." - Mindy Kaling

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