Top 10 Celeb Tweets of the Week

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Top 10 Celeb Tweets of the Week

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Kathy Griffin

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West skip the Grammys; Bruno Mars is excited, and Kathy Griffin calls Katie Couric a bad name.

"Awww just waking up in Brazil, seeing Kanye won 3 Grammy's last night!!! That makes a total of 21!!!! That's just so insane! Soooo proud!!!." - Kim Kardashian

"next time i hit the stage will be in Dublin but until then Im gonna take a little time for me. #familytime." - Justin Bieber

"in other news, i bought a bookshelf." - Frank Ocean

"And even though ya fed up, ya gotta keep ya head up." - Rihanna

"Man im excited. You excited? well.... is ya? is ya? is ya?." - Bruno Mars

"I don't think so honey #VivaLasVegas :) RT @hannahspears Mommy, are dogs allowed to gamble in vegas? Gonna cash all my bones in for chips." - Britney Spears

"Let me get this straight - we can put a man on the moon but we can't replace the sound of my toilet flushing with a rimshot?" - Conan O'Brien

"Got a hot date for this pregrammy tonight. who could dat be???." - Miley Ray Cyrus

"just told my dog that I'm tired of her taking liberties- so yeah- probably not gonna make it through the week. #itsonlymonday." - Samantha Ronson

"I just called you a dirty whore on my show @katiecouric Nothing personal. Let's do lunch #KATHY." - Kathy Griffin

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