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Lindsay Lohan on the Comeback Trail - Will She Avoid a Detour?

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Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is red again; Katy's in da hood, and Adele seeks the positive.

"@JoaoKer my mom @dinalohan and my brother @mikelohan are so happy i'm red again." - Lindsay Lohan

"@NOPeteHere Pete...I want 2 grind u up, make meatballs out of u, and serve u 2 the homeless. But that would only make their lives worse." - Alec Baldwin

"Woohoo Friday night sitting here playing words with friends woooooo!!!" - Christina Applegate

"If I was your boyfriend I'd never let you go." - Justin Bieber

"Ball so hard mother F's wanna fine meh." - Katy Perry

"Raise your hand if you woke up next to a leprechaun." - Ellen DeGeneres

"@timschrum Say that to my face, dipshit. Who do you think you are, name calling? I am being empathitic to a young man who had a tough loss." - Ashley Judd

"I love u and hate u at the very same time! #bittersweet." - Rihanna

"I wish I had George Clooney's teeth. In a jar on my nightstand." - Steve Carrell

"I like hanging around people who are happy and positive. Nobody likes to be with people who are always complaining." - Adele

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