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Lauren Alaina

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Lauren Alaina

LeAnn Rimes gets lazy; Lindsay Lohan wonders where her friends are, and Lauren Alaina confesses.

"@frankgarciaros @NaughtyNiceRob was HOT and I bought a dress and didn't want to put my other clothes back on. I was lazy, sue me HA." - LeAnn Rimes

"Why do we have only 1 day for giving thanks? Is that why so many people feel unappreciated? Make this 1 of 365 days of Thanksgiving!" - Demi Moore

"I'm thankful for family, friends, you, & time to reach my potential. What are you thankful for? #thanksgiving." - Ashton Kutcher

"Oh no! Naked yoga! Has anyone ever heard of this before???? I can't take it!" - Kim Kardashian

"where are all of my lovely #FF friends??? where's the love?" - Lindsay Lohan

"Unbelievable N parking lot&dusk alone w/ kids&dead car battery 3 different men wouldn't help or pap shootin pics! A woman helped! #womenrule." - Tori Spelling

"Thank you everyone for the kind words. But the truth is I messed up. I'm gonna spend the rest of the day being thankful for all my blessings." - Lauren Alaina

"Just drove my new car for the first time. Such a beautiful car and so much fun to drive! I love it! #YES! I - Fast Cars!" - Paris Hilton

"Hilarious Nene rents her house and @lisawu helped her to get it she has never owned a house in her life!!!" - Kim Zolciak

"THE NBA IS BACK!!" - Justin Bieber

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