Top 10 Celeb Tweets of the Week

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Top 10 Celeb Tweets of the Week

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Sinead O'Connor seeks serious help; Khloe Kardashian is pissed, and Snooki likes a golden girl.

"I feel really pale #whitegirlproblems." - Nicky Hilton

"does any1 know a psychiatrist in dublin or wicklow who could urgently see me today please? im really un-well... and in danger. the sindo article about them trying to lose barry his job and every1 being shit to him 4 marrying me has spun me off and im ill and i desperately need to get back on meds today. am in serious danger." - Sinead O'Connor

"Did someone say #winning!? Say hello to my friend... Mr. Diddy! RT @iamdiddy You can never quit. Winners never quit, and quitters never win." - Charlie Sheen

"I'm back feeling stronger than ever! It's NCREDIBLE!" - Nick Cannon

"The audacity you have to mention my father's name like this! Should be ashamed of urself! I let a lot of things slide but this one is really low… YOU ARE DISGUSTING! (yes you know who YOU are)" - Khloe Kardashian

"Good night! say your prayers! Set your daily tasks and goals before bed so that can start your day organized & productive." - Kim Kardashian

"#school" - Justin Bieber

"I hope I get residuals for Twitter. I'll be out if work soon." - Alec Baldwin

"Welcome to Twitter, @MichelleObama! Please ignore my following old hashtags #ExerciseSucks, #GardeningIsForGrannies, #FatKidsAreCooler." - Stephen Colbert

"(Betty White is amazing.)." - Snooki

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