Top 10 Celeb Tweets of the Week

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Top 10 Celeb Tweets of the Week

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Lady Gaga

Justin Bieber steps up to the challenge; comedian Jenny Johnson and singer Chris Brown diss each other, and Lady Gaga's fans break-in.

"never walk away from a challenge." - Justin Bieber

"My favorite part coming up .. Me and the Biebs go shopping at Ralph Lauren. #bieberonOWN." - Oprah

"I hate being sick!! I don't wanna do shit or talk to anybody right now!!! Can't even swallow, and that's no bueno!!" - Rihanna

"Watching Extreme Cougar Wives... OMGGGG." - Kim Kardashian

"@vdrstar Beauty. Strength. Passion. Poise. Intelligence. She stood for ALL of it & did a great job! #LizandDick." - Lindsay Lohan

"I know! Being a worthless piece of shit can really age a person. RT @chrisbrown: I look old as fuck! I'm only 23... " - Jenny Johnson

"take them teeth out when u Sucking my dick HOE." - Chris Brown

"It is 9:09 AM - SAT, NOV 24TH in New Zealand. #AheadOfMyTime" - Nicki Minaj

"Trying to de-clutter my house to start fresh in the new year..." - Denise Richards

"#MONSTERFACT when gaga is asleep try to break into the garage, sing loud as possible, + ring the doorbell repeatedly #happeningnow #badkids ." - Lady Gaga

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