Top 10 Celeb Tweets of the Week

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Thunder says "no" to Weezy; Chris Brown figures it out, and Justin Bieber has a "note to self" moment.

"Was going to go to the Thunder game tonight but was denied by the team to be in their arena. Wow. Smh. Go Spurs!" - Lil Wayne

"Sitting on the side of the road ....lost .....I hate having no sense of direction. If reincarnation exits, I definitely wasn't Magellan at any point." - Kelly Clarkson

"Life is what you make of it. Go out & make your dreams come true. You can do anything you set your mind too. I truly believe that. #YES!" - Paris Hilton

"Just saw Snow White and The Huntsman. It was a FEAST for the eyes and K Stew was a bad ass #moreslowmoshotsplease." - Katy Perry

"I see how this works now... When peoples careers get to the "nobody cares" stage they use my name for publicity! Lol." - Chris Brown

"Family road trip! Its been a while since everyone has gotten together like this! #FunTimes." - Kim Kardashian

"I'm in a store now buying all my fixtures for the bathrooms (woohoo) and I look up and non other then Diane Keaton walks in! It's literally." - Kelis

"From N.O to N.Y to L.A less than 24 hrs #rocstarshit #daddyshome." - Rihanna

"very short work out this morning...1 km walk, short blast on the rower,quickly through a few weights...try to fit in more tomorrow." - Russell Crowe

"note to self don't leave twitter open and unattended! ")." - Justin Bieber

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