Tommy Hilfiger Makes Over the 'American Idol' Cast

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This week "American Idol" gave a nod to the power of super star styling. In addition to vocal mentoring by Jimmy Iovine and special guest Sean Combs (AKA Diddy), the hopefuls got a lesson in fashion from iconic designer Tommy Hilfiger.

Some were thrilled to avail themselves of Hilfiger's advice. Erika Van Pelt got the most dramatic makeover of the evening, trading her soft bleached blonde curls for an edgy short and dark do ala Pink. Honestly, it looked like she lost about 15 pounds. Hilfiger did her a solid, dressing her in a sleek, super star appropriate pantsuit. She went from kind of frumpy to "Wow!" in one week.

Hollie Cavanagh had the second best transformation of the evening. After Jimmy groused last week about how "old" the show's stylists were dressing her, she was ready for a fun and youthful look. Hilfiger put her in a white pantsuit with a silver sequined top. The little bolero jacket was super cute, and it cut away just enough to allow the sparkly top underneath to take center stage.

Not all Hilfiger's picks were as successful, though. He thought country girl Skylar Laine needed to add color and glamor to her look. While that's good advice on the surface, the muted purple outfit he put her in didn't really compliment her skin tone. Even more disturbing, the skirt was constructed using some bizarre draping technique that gave the impression she was wearing curtain swags on either hip (making her hips look about three times bigger than normal). At least he let her wear her cowgirl boots.

Hilfiger had some advice for the guys too, but they weren't all on board with it. Joshua Ledet embraced the notion of a more sophisticated look, and he totally rocked the black modern style tuxedo the designer suggested for him.

However Phil Phillips blew off his fashion consultation, choosing to go ahead and wear the gray shirt and jacket Hilfiger dismissed as too "drab" for the stage. Perhaps Hilfiger got off on the wrong foot with him. The first words out of his mouth when he met Phillips were, "I don't mean to be cruel, but you need some help." It's not too surprising that Phillips didn't listen to anything he said after that.

Heejun Han decided to have a little fun at Hilfiger's expense, giving silly answers to the designer's questions about his personal style. Hilfiger knew what was up. He was cool about it, but clearly didn't want to waste his time on someone who didn't take him seriously. He told Han to "find his own style." After seeing the '80s throwback t-shirt with blazer look he choose, I'd say he should have taken advantage of the opportunity to get some help with his look.

Then there was the singing. In a nutshell Elise Testone killed it with her sexy, bluesy rendition of "Vienna" (all the songs this week were from Billy Joel). If she ends up in the bottom again this week, there is simply no justice. Jessica Sanchez once again delivered an achingly perfect performance of "Everybody Has a Dream." It was so good, Steven Tyler thanked her for the opportunity to hear her sing.

The judges also loved Phil Phillips' unique version of "Movin' Out." These three should be safe, but anything can happen when the votes come in

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