TomKat Divorce: Was Scientology the ‘Other Woman’ in Cruise-Holmes’ Marriage?

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Tiger Woods had his mistresses; Arnold Schwarzenegger his maid. But the "other woman" who broke up Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' marriage may have been the Church of Scientology -- a controversial religion that reportedly caused a rift between the "Rock of Ages" actor and the "Dawson's Creek" star.

Multiple media reports hint that Scientology put asunder the A-listers' five-year marriage, especially as it concerned the couple's sole biological child, Suri Cruise. At six, the petite brunette is at an age in which the religion could start dominating her life, including the remote possibility her father might want to send her to stay at a military style boot camp called Sea Org. That would be a far cry from her current lifestyle walking around town with her mom and a cup of Starbucks.

Even if she did not get sent to the controversial gulag, in which some children as young as 10 allegedly pledge their allegiance to the church for a billion years, Suri attending kindergarten at a Scientology flavored school in California partly funded by Will Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. Students from the New Village Leadership Academy often transfer to the Delphian School in Oregon attended by both Connor and Isabella Cruise, Tom's older children from his previous marriage to Nicole Kidman.

Supporting the rumors that Holmes' decision to file for divorce stemmed from her religious concerns is her recent reported enrollment of Suri in a New York City Catholic School, at which the junior fashionista would be (gasp) forced to wear an off-the-rack uniform and sensible shoes.

Though Holmes knew Cruise was a Scientologist when she married him, she may not have realized how she would feel about the religion's demanding lifestyle becoming such a big part of her child's upbringing when she turned school age. The 33-year-old actress reportedly had a crush on the now 50-year-old star since she was a teenager and may have been so blinded by his older man charm and dazzling smile she couldn't envision having parenting disagreements down the road.

Holmes, who like many celebs owns multiple houses, has filed for divorce in New York, a state in which some pundits claim she is more likely to get legal custody than in California. This decision further signals the "Jack and Jill" star is determined to call the shots about which religion shapes her daughter's mind and spirit.

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