Tom Cruise Lands New Role as Disneyland Dad to Daughter Suri

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Tom Cruise wants his daughter to lead a "normal" life. Really?

That's great news for America's children.

No sooner had People quoted a source this week saying, "He's going to try, despite all the attention, to have things be as normal as possible," then the "Risky Business" actor literally whisked 6-year-old Suri off to the Hamptons in a private helicopter. En route to the heliport, the two were chased at high speeds by paparazzi, causing Tom's driver to reportedly run red lights and break the speed limit.

That may be normal for a child in a Hollywood action movie, but most kids only experience such thrills while playing video games or munching popcorn in a dark movie theater.

Nor do most children get to splash in the waves at Long Island's "Hollywood" beaches, the Hamptons. Unless their parents are Jerry Seinfeld, Gwyneth Paltrow or stars of their ilk, "normal" families who want to vacation at the ocean are relegated to more crowded public beaches surrounded by other sun-worshipping commoners.

Though it is not unusual for a celebrity child like Suri Cruise to enjoy luxuries most children could only dream of, what concerns Suri watchers is the already over-indulged child now has two parents vying for her affection. Even in less well-heeled families, moms and dads who divorce often compete to be the more fun or favorite parent.

Up to now, the Hollywood princess's life has been anything but ordinary. The only child produced by the marriage of Cruise and his soon-to-be ex-wife, Katie Holmes, Suri has a reputation for being a tad spoiled, throwing tantrums when she does not get what she wants and trotting around town in kitten heels with a cup of Starbucks seemingly glued to her hand.

She is frequently carried around by one of her parents, despite the fact she has been walking upright for over five years, and her fashionista wardrobe is the envy of ordinary little girl who forage for clothes at Walmart.

Given the shake-up in Suri's world from her parents impending divorce, fleeing from paparazzi and romping on a fancy beach may not have been dad Tom's brightest light-bulb moment. Instead of spending quality time with just him and Suri -- playing Wii bowling, baking cupcakes or tossing a ball -- he paraded her out in public as if to show the world he is still a lead actor in his daughter's life.

Like the stereotypical Disneyland dad -- the man who acts like he's on vacation every time he sees his kids instead of actually parenting them -- Cruise put his desire to look like the cool, fun parent ahead of Suri's need for a private and calm few days to forge their new daddy-daughter relationshp.

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