Tom Cruise Gives Katie Holmes a 'Special' Gift -- Plus a Look at Some More Stars Who've Played Rockers

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If diamonds are a girl's best friend, what's a cod piece with a bunch of jewels on it worth to a her? Katie Holmes can actually answer that question for us. After shooting wrapped on "Rock Of Ages," Katie's husband Tom Cruise presented her with a special gift from the shoot: his bejeweled cod piece. In an interview recently, Cruise said he enjoyed wearing the cod piece as part of his ensemble for the film about a 1980s glam rock band, that he took it home.

Cruise isn't the first actor to portray a rock star on film. The reportedly high-living life of a rock star makes for good drama, which in turns makes for a good movie. Over the years there have been some very memorable performances from movie stars strapping on a guitar and pretending to rock out. Here are a few of the more memorable ones.

Michael McKean, Harry Shearer & Christopher Guest in "This is Spinal Tap" - These three veteran improvisational comedic actors pretty much wrote the book on playing rock stars on film. Their performances as a fictional hair metal band were so convincing, many people to this day still think they were a real band. This was due mostly to the fact that they all played their own instruments and sang their own parts. Many real-life rockers say that the film and their performances pretty much perfectly captured what that lifestyle is all about, and they did while cracking the audience up.

Mark Wahlberg in "Rock Star" - In 2001, Walhberg stared as Chris Cole, a musician struggling to get his own band to the top when he's approached by his favorite band to take over for their departed singer. It's a typical story of "careful what you wish you for; you just might get it." Wahlberg did a great job portraying the evolution of ego that anyone in that situation would have probably gone through. The film also stars Jennifer Aniston as Chris's girlfriend.

Russell Brand in "Get Him To the Greek" - Brand actually stars in "Rock of Ages" with Cruise, but he really was put on the map by his performance as Aldous Snow, the former drug-addict pop singer who steals Jason Segel's girlfriend away in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." But in "Get Him To the Greek," Snow isn't just an ancillary character, he's the star, and the film is able to explore the many facets of Aldous, as well as give Jonah Hill every excuse to be hilarious.

Jason Lee & Billy Crudup in "Almost Famous" - If there's one fictitious account of life in a rock band, it's Cameron Crowe's semi-autobiographical 2000 film about a young man who goes out on the road with a touring band that's on the verge of becoming very successful and well known. Though neither Lee or Crudup were musicians, they were still able to play the parts very authentically. That was probably because Cameron Crowe really did start writing for Rolling Stone as a teenager, and had been around rock bands all his adult life.

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