Tobey Maguire Cut from Ang Lee Movie: Other Stars to Be Cut from Movies

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Tobey Maguire Cut from Ang Lee Movie: Other Stars to Be Cut from Movies

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Similar to Tobey Maguire, Rachel Weisz was also recently cut from a film.

Actor Tobey Maguire won't be appearing in the fall film "Life of Pi" after all. According to reports, director Ang Lee has decided to cut the scenes involving the "Spider-Man" star. Some say that the director felt that the performance didn't work, but it might have been Tobey's famous face that led to the change. Sources claim that Lee wanted to use an entirely international cast for the Oscar-worthy film. In any case, Tobey holds no ill will about being chopped from the final film. "I fully support Ang's decision to go a different direction for this role in "Life of Pi," said the actor in a statement. "Ang shared a lot of the film with me, and what I saw was absolutely beautiful." Tobey is hardly the first actor to have his scenes cut from a movie. Here is a look at some other stars that shot scenes for a movie only to have them removed.

Kevin Costner - "The Big Chill"

In one of the most famous examples of an actor being removed from a film, Kevin saw his role in the 1983 hit "The Big Chill" almost entirely removed. The actor, who was not yet famous at the time, was supposed to appear in several flashback scenes involving his character. However, the director decided to keep the focus of the film in the present. While his face never appeared in the final cut, Kevin's body is briefly scene as a corpse in the beginning of the movie. Fortunately for him, his big break would still come despite this setback.

Liam Neeson - "The Hangover Part II"

The minor role of a tattoo artist in this comedy sequel turned out to be a major hurdle during filming. Mel Gibson was initially given the role, but his sour public image led to protests from the main cast. With Mel out of the mix, the "Taken" actor stepped in and shot the cameo. However, changes were needed during post-production and the actor was unavailable to shoot the new scene. Nick Cassavetes came in and did the scene, becoming the face that is ultimately scene in the final version of the film.

Rachel Weisz - "To the Wonder"

When it comes to director Terrence Malick's upcoming drama "To the Wonder," fans might be surprised to learn that the Oscar-winning beauty wound up on the cutting room floor. However, the eccentric director decided to cut her role despite her talent and star power. "I had the experience of working with him but I will not have the pleasure of seeing my work," said the actress when discussing her removal. Shockingly, the director has a knack for cutting stars from his movies. In fact, stars like Michael Sheen and Amanda Peet were also removed from this film.

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