Time Breastfeeding Cover Even Bothers Attachment Parenting Advocate Mayim Bialik -- Plus a Look at Celeb Breastfeeding Controversies

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A Time cover showing a woman breastfeeding her 3-year-old son is getting a lot of attention. In the shocking photo, model Jamie Lynne Grumet poses defiantly while her son stands on a chair to get his lunch. The cover paints Jamie as some kind of supermom by asking, "Are you mom enough?"

The woman at the center of the controversial Time cover has spoken out about why she posed for the magazine, explaining that she's a practitioner of "attachment parenting," which obviously entails breastfeeding a child as long as possible. Jamie Lynn was breastfed herself until she was six years old, and she also opted to breastfed her adopted son. He's now five and still breastfeeds occasionally.

The mommy blogger knows that some people find her way of parenting disturbing, saying that she's been called a child molester and has had people threaten to call social services on her. But now it seems that her decision to pose for the Time cover might lead to an even bigger backlash, especially since it seems to imply that moms who don't breastfeed for a long time aren't doing the right thing for their kids.

Even attachment parenting advocate Mayim Bialik was unhappy about the cover. "The Big Bang Theory" star tweeted, "Cover of TIME magazine looking to be inflammatory about [attachment parenting] much? Dear goodness." When it comes to extreme parenting, it should certainly take a lot to upset Mayim. She's talked at length about her experiences in attachment parenting and even written a book about it, revealing that she breastfed her son Fred until he was 3 ½ years old. She also kept her babies in bed with her rather than in a crib and practiced diaper-less parenting, which she achieved through something called "elimination communication" (sounds messy).

Mayim didn't leave the house for a whopping 40 days after each of her children were born, and she even defended other actresses for their own forms of extreme parenting - Mayim made sure to let January Jones know that eating her placenta was perfectly normal, and she didn't find Alicia Silverstone spitting chewed-up food into her son's mouth gross at all. So if Mayim thinks that Jamie Lynne took her attachment parenting too far, then perhaps Time made a big mistake with its controversial cover.

Luckily Jamie Lynne isn't alone when it comes to breastfeeding controversies - plenty of celebs have sparked debates about the parenting practice in the past. In 2010 "Modern Family" star Julie Bowen actress shared a photo of herself breastfeeding her twin boys on "The George Lopez Show." She called the tricky way she held her twins during snack time "the double football hold," but not everyone found her intimate family photo charming - when it was posted on the internet, some viewers dubbed it "shocking" and "offensive."

Salma Hayek caused one of the craziest controversies in 2009 when she breastfed another woman's baby on camera while visiting Sierra Leone with UNICEF. Many people were shocked by Salma playing the role of a wet nurse, but the actress was just trying to encourage mothers in the area to breastfeed since malnutrition is such a big problem there.

Sometimes even a celebrity just talking about breastfeeding gets people all riled up - in 2010 model mommy Gisele Bundchen caused a minor controversy by saying that she thinks that there should be a worldwide law that all mothers should breastfeed for six months, while Kim Kardashian probably angered a lot of those who agree with Gisele by criticizing a woman for breastfeeding in a restaurant without a coverup.

But of course when it comes to breastfeeding, it's no different than everything else that comes along with raising a child - everyone is going to have different ideas about the right way to parent, which leads to a lot of debate and scrutiny. And since celebs are in the public eye, their parenting methods are going to get analyzed a whole lot more. Hopefully Jamie Lynn is prepared for all the hate that she's going to get now that she's joined their ranks.

So do you think that Time went too far with the breastfeeding cover?

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