Tim Robbins' Music is No Midlife Crisis Serenade

Tim Robbins Lets His Musical Artistry Show

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Tim Robbins is headed to the stage.

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Tim Robbins is headed to the stage.

Tim Robbins has a secret life and he's ready to come clean about it.

The Academy Award winning actor who's known for his work in such classic movies as "Shawshank Redemption," and "Mystic River" has left the cameras behind for a turn in the musical spotlight -- at least for now. The self-titled debut album of Tim Robbins & the Rogues Gallery will be released July 19 and the reviews are in from the three critics who are arguably the most important to him -- his kids with Sarandon.

"My kids, they like it, they really do. They are really supportive. The first time (I played a concert) my daughter, who was a student at Brown University at the time, came to Boston to see the show," Robbins said to me of Eva Amurri. "I figured if I get to the end of the show and she isn't mortified, I'll have done fine. She actually came backstage and did like it!"

Although the world is full of actors trying out their musical chops, Robbins said that writing songs and performing is something he's done his whole life. Makes sense when you consider that his recently deceased father was Gil Robbins of the famed folk group the Highwaymen. His mother, actor Mary Robbins, also seriously pursued music. Creating his first album was something that seemed natural to Robbins once he partnered with his friend and producer, Hall Willner who introduced Robbins to like-minded musicians that guest on the album including Joan as Policewoman

"The music is about experiences I have had, feelings I have had," said Robbins of the nine-track album that will be released July 19. "It feels like something I should have done a long time ago to carry on the tradition of my dad."

Miles Robbins, Tim's son with Sarandon, is also carrying on the tradition. The former the bassist and lead singer of the New York City-based band Tangent is now part of the band Pow Pow and will open for Robbins at certain venues on his upcoming tour.

But what about the much-reported story that the music is the result of a mid-life crisis that arose after Robbins and Sarandon ended their 23-year relationship?

"I made a joke in England about maybe calling this album a mid-life crisis album," the Oscar winning actor told me. "It's ridiculous. This album has nothing to do with a midlife crisis...The real proof is int he pudding and what kind of music I play and what kind of show I do."

Find out more about Robbins music and his upcoming tour that begins on July 8 in Winnipeg on his website.

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