Tia Mowry Makes the Big Hair Chop - What Else She’s Been Up To

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Tia Mowry Makes the Big Hair Chop - What Else She’s Been Up To

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Tia Mowry

Actress Tia Mowry has chopped her normally long locks and is sporting a closely cropped, naturally curly style. The "Sister, Sister" star joins a host of other celebs to make a major hair change in 2012. However, fans of the star know this isn't the first time she's traded length for a bit of edge. Aside from her new look, here's what else the famous twin has been up to!

"Game" Over (for Tia)

After starring as the perpetually cheery character, Melanie Davis, on comedy series "The Game," Tia announced earlier in 2012 that she would not be returning for the sitcom's sixth season. However, she certainly hasn't disappeared from TV; her reality show, "Tia & Tamera" is in full swing. Fans shouldn't expect painfully candid peeks into her private affairs with hubby Cory Hardrict, since she is also a firm advocate keeping her marriage out of the spotlight.

She's defending her infant son against public criticism.

Who would think that a one-year-old infant needs defending against harsh critics? Nonetheless, the new mom found herself in that precarious position when harmful online comments referred to her son Cree as "ugly." On her Facebook page, she deemed the statements disgusting, and championed the beauty of bringing a child into the world.

She's the poster child for baby-weight loss.

There's definitely one thing that fans will probably never tease her about: her baby weight. In a recent issue of Life & Style magazine, Tia poses with Cree, donning an aqua bikini and an impressive set of six-pack abs. Hollywood is obsessed with how celebrities lose their baby weight, but unlike celebs like Mariah Carey and Jessica Simpson who have relied on weight loss companies to help shed pounds, Mowry spent a year of faithful dieting and exercise to bounce back into shape.

She's waxing poetic about the dangers of being a child star.

Both Tia and her twin have been in the spotlight since adolescence, but are noted for their sunny dispositions as well as their tenure in the industry. "I think what happens with a lot of young children who are in this business at such a young age is they're trying to find their identity in this business…Our mom, she taught us not to do that," shared with the Toronto Sun. It is likely this philosophy that has kept her and her sister, Tamera out of Hollywood's more harmful clutches. Perhaps troubled actress Amanda Bynes could take this particular lesson to heart.

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