Tia Mowry Fights Back Against Her Son's Critics

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Tia Mowry Fights Back Against Her Son's Critics

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Tia Mowry Fights Back Against Her Son's Critics

When TheInsider.com caught up with Tia Mowry last month, her permagrin grew even larger the instant she mentioned son Cree. The one-year-old played a major role on her Style series, Tia & Tamera, while in utero and plays an even larger part now that he's been welcomed into the world.

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But Tia is, unfortunately, learning the hard way that putting your child in the spotlight can have a serious downside as she's had to deal with some ugly comments being hurled at her son online. On TheYBF.com (via), in an innocuous posting about Tia's day out with Cree and husband Cory, some commenters began to slam her son's looks, writing, "You know I'm right, that baby is ugly ... don't act like ugly babies don't exist. It is what it is. Don't be mad me. And just b/c I said the baby was ugly, it doesn't mean he'll always be that way. Who knows, maybe the kid will eventually grow into his head."

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Now, there were plenty of people who put commenters like that in their place. But the noise got so loud, it actually reached all the way to Tia, who reacted like any mother lion would. "It's disgusting that some focus on looks. I brought a beautiful child into this world," she wrote on Facebook alongside a photo of her and Cree.

That opened up a new reservoir of debate as many of the 4,000 comments applauded her courage, but there were still some detractors found here as well. One wrote, "People are trying to be nice because he's a baby and because they're fans of Tia. But in all honesty, the kid is ugly LOL I know some will come with torches now to burn the wicked witch that told the truth, but oh well. I'm just being honest."

We here at TheInsider.com would like to throw our support behind Tia and let it be known that it's never OK to slam a child's looks. That behavior is hateful, vile and leaves you looking like the ugly one. More power to you Tia!

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