Three New Year’s Resolutions Lindsay Lohan Should Definitely Keep

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Three New Year’s Resolutions Lindsay Lohan Should Definitely Keep

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Lindsay Lohan

In 2012, Lindsay Lohan and the tabloids were like peanut butter and jelly. The troubled young starlet couldn't seem to preserve the delicate symmetry of her private and professional lives. As her legal woes and private travesties littered the headlines, it appeared that with each step forward, Lindsay would take two steps back. Things could definitely have been much worse for the "Liz & Dick" actress. But based on what we've seen, she'd do well to keep these New Year's resolutions…

Take public transportation.

This year, people apparently loved to accuse the actress of hitting them with her car, whether she was driving or not. A woman, who claimed the actress's Maserati had hit her the previous year, sued Lindsay in January for multiple damages. That same month, she was sued by a paparazzo alleging that a car in which she was riding had struck him. Hot water found her again with another accident in June, in which she lied to police about whether she was driving the Porsche that rammed an 18-wheeler. Later that year, a man accused Lindsay of hitting him with her car outside a nightclub and leaving the scene. Maybe it's time to start looking into other transportation options.

Talk to someone about those "sticky" fingers.

Apparently digging the items on her clothing racks from the set of "Scary Movie 5," the actress presumed that she could take them with her, and was accused of lifting around $15,000 worth of clothes. During a party in August, she just so happened to be around when $100,000 worth of trinkets went missing overnight from a Hollywood Hills mansion. Although she was eventually cleared, the whole thing just looked bad - especially since these kinds of stories have followed her since 2011, when she was accused of stealing an expensive necklace from an L.A. jewelry store. She might want to see a professional about her "absent-minded" manner of acquiring new things.

Hire more security.

It would seem that Lindsay was involved in quite a few public fights in 2012. In April found she was apparently duking it out twice at the same nightclub, although in one instance she allegedly was "attacked" by a woman who threw a drink at her. In September, she cried foul after being reportedly assaulted by an acquaintance, Christian LaBella. Additional hired help might have prevented an altercation she had in November, when she was accused of striking a woman in a New York nightclub. For some stars, anger management quiets the fiery soul. But Lohan's frequent brush-ups might require a beefier security team.

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