Three Reasons Why Natalie Portman’s Blonde Hair is a Big Deal

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Three Reasons Why Natalie Portman’s Blonde Hair is a Big Deal

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Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is making headlines yet again. But this time, the "Black Swan" actress is doing so for her lush blonde locks instead of a dwindling physique. The normally brown-haired star is known for attacking her Hollywood roles with gusto. As such, she dons the new hue for an upcoming movie character. For now, the lightened locks are all we know of this mysterious upcoming role. In the meantime, she's getting a lot of attention for the hair color switch. Why are we making such a fuss? These theories might explain it.

When Brunette Stars Go Blonde

Let's face it. The world seems to go crazy when brown-haired celebrities go blonde. Starlets like Olivia Wilde, Rihanna, and even Kim Kardashian have stunned fans for taking their dark hair up a shade…or three. Other stars take the look to extremes, such as Miley Cyrus, who not only bleached her locks, but also buzzed them off into a short, rebellious style. Natalie Portman hasn't gone to such extremes as the former Disney star, but the switch is perhaps dramatic because she is one of Hollywood's most famous brunettes.

Natalie Portman is "a different person."

According to Natalie, her mother claims that the blonde hair has transformed her into a new person. This isn't the first time that Portman has become "someone else" physically: she worked as an exotic dancer/waitress in "Closer" and sported a pink wig and a shock of fiery red hair. She also went practically bald for the film "V for Vendetta." Her new lightened look may not be as shocking as her other styles. But the blonde dye job makes us curious about what other projects she might have up her sleeve.

Natalie Portman Excitement

Natalie started a quiet romance with "Black Swan" choreographer Benjamin Millepied in 2009. She gave birth to the couple's child in 2011, and then married Millepied in 2012. With all due respect, Natalie Portman's personal life could be considered "boring" by Hollywood standards - which simply means that she's currently happy and scandal-free. The "No Strings Attached" star guards her privacy fiercely. Her shiny new hairstyle is perhaps the most exciting news we've heard since her hush-hush wedding to Benjamin.

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