Three Reasons Why 'Lincoln' Will Perform Well at the Box Office

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Three Reasons Why 'Lincoln' Will Perform Well at the Box Office

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Daniel Day-Lewis is the star of "Lincoln."

While the final chapter in the "Twilight" series is sure to dominate the box office this weekend, don't sleep on the historical epic "Lincoln." The movie about the final months in the life of the 16th President is opening up nationwide on November 16, and Oscar buzz is already swarming. In limited release this past weekend, "Lincoln" performed pretty well. That should increase expectations for the movie, despite the competition coming from "Twilight" and the second weekend of "Skyfall." It's clear that the movie won't win the box office title this weekend, but here are a few reasons why it will be successful.

It stars Daniel Day-Lewis

If there's one certain bet come awards season, it's that Day-Lewis will receive an Oscar nomination for his role as Honest Abe. The notorious method actor is regarded by many as the greatest actor of our generation, and with good reason. He already has two Oscars to his name, and has received plenty of recognition in other areas. This is just the actor's fifth film role since he appeared in "The Boxer" in 1997. That adds a little bit of mystery to him, which should draw in moviegoers. When you consider the fact that he's playing arguably the most famous American in history, it's a win-win situation. Many actors have portrayed Lincoln over the years, but the smart money says that Daniel will top them all.

Steven Spielberg equals box office gold

This movie is directed by Oscar winner Steven Spielberg, who has been making hit movies for 40 years. It's hard to argue that any director has more drawing power than Steven. Sure, a couple of his recent movies have been underwhelming, but this is still the man behind some of the biggest box office hits ever, including "Jaws" and "Jurassic Park." Even though "Lincoln" doesn't have the same mass appeal as those movies, expect it to bring in plenty of Spielberg loyalists.

It's a nice post-election diversion

This movie comes out less than two weeks after a hotly contested Presidential election. While people are probably thrilled that they don't have to watch campaign ads, it might be nice to watch a movie that shows what politics were like before media became such a force. Every once in a while, we need a solid reminder of what the country is all about. With the talented people involved with this movie, "Lincoln" should give everyone just that.

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